Platform Lifts for Residential Locations

Platform Lifts Residential

We Design and Install Platform Lifts for Residential Locations

The Tower Lifts design team believes that all lifts should solve an existing problem, be perfectly adapted to their environment, and offer high-quality, reliable service to users. The platform lift ticks every box. It was originally designed to provide access for wheelchair users in the commercial environment; platform lifts residential designs offer the same benefits to people in their homes.

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Platform Lifts, Residential Access

Innovative platform lift technology has been so successful because its modular system can be installed virtually anywhere. It doesn’t require a lift shaft, and the technology allows for adaptive design. The platform lift is also affordable; at one time a lift in a residential setting was cost-prohibitive, as well as being technically impossible in the majority of domestic residencies. The platform lift has changed all that.

As the platform lift has migrated into the home, the range of design possibilities have expanded. Tower Lifts’ bespoke lift installations integrate seamlessly with the style and décor of their surroundings. It’s a commonplace now for clients to experience their residential platform lift as both a practical and aesthetic enhancement. Colour finishes and cabin customisation is an integral part of our design process.

Residential Platform Lifts Solve Problems

For the majority of our residential clients, platform lifts solve the problem of access. Whether we’re installing them in a family home, or in a social care residential setting, they provide a range of benefits:

  • Continued use of stairways. Straight inclined and curved inclined platform lifts are designed specifically for wheelchair users needing access via stairs.The wheelchair rolls easily onto the platform, and the lift offers a safe, smooth journey. When not in use, the platform folds back to allow for foot traffic on the stairs.
  • Access 3 floors of your home. The vertical platform lift is a self-supporting structure that can travel between 9-12 metres, travelling at 0.15MPS, and is designed to be quiet in transit. It has a fully customised passenger cabin that is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, or 2 standing passengers, comfortably.
  • Internal or external access. Our platform lifts not only future-proof residential interiors. They also ensure that gardens can be enjoyed despite steps and split-level design features. The step lift sports an elegant mechanism which springs into action when needed and offers an easy transition between internal or external surface levels.
  • Transportation of shopping, meals, and laundry. Physical access is usually the primary motive for installing platform lifts at home. There is also, however, the logistical problem of moving things around the house. The dumbwaiter lift is a small, cabinet lift which can be installed at the height you need; it’s ideal for transporting food, drinks, shopping or laundry between floors of your home.

Ongoing Maintenance and Repairs

At the moment we handover our platform lifts residential clients enjoy peace of mind that they’re comprehensively tested, expertly installed and in perfect working order. Ongoing maintenance keeps them that way; Tower lifts provides regular, scheduled lift servicing and emergency repairs to ensure flawless performance and prompt attention should there be a problem.

Tower Lifts Design Bespoke Platform Lifts for the Home

For the past two decades, Tower Lifts has been installing the platform lifts residential wheelchair users need to access all floors of their homes. We know the potential offered by the technology and bring years of experience to each new design. Above all, we’re passionate about using this great technology to create affordable residential access that’s quick and easy to install.

Tower Lifts is an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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