Platform Lifts for Wheelchairs

Platform Lifts for Wheelchairs

Platform lifts for Residential and Commercial Environments

Across the UK, it’s good to see that the installation of platform lifts for wheelchairs is becoming a commonplace sight. Towns and cities are gradually working towards becoming fully inclusive environments, and homes of all sizes and shapes are enjoying enhanced access. Thanks to the development of innovative platform lift technology, installing vertical transport for wheelchair users is now affordable in commercial and residential settings.

Platform lifts for wheelchairs offer passengers privacy, independence, and access to multiple floors of a building. Wheelchair lifts don’t require a lift shaft which means they’re easy and quick to install. It’s an access solution that can be adapted to virtually any environment. Tower Lifts engineers design bespoke platform lifts– and they have not yet found an architectural challenge that couldn’t be overcome.

Types of Platform Lifts for Wheelchairs

Adaptability is the name of the game when it comes to platform lifts. Tower Lifts engineers have fitted indoor and external wheelchair lifts, in historic buildings, hotels, schools, residential apartments, warehouses, homes, hospitals and shops. They can be customised to accommodate the needs of users and provide operational autonomy. Whilst all our installations are bespoke, the platform lifts for wheelchairs we install include:

  • Vertical Platform Lift. Similar in appearance to a traditional passenger lift, the vertical platform lift runs on a hydraulic or electric system, providing wheelchair users with access to up to 4 floors. The controls are DDA compliant, and the lift runs at a speed of 0.15MPS. They are operated using constant pressure controls.
  • Step Lift. An elegant solution to inclusive access when it comes to split level flooring or short flights of stairs. The step lift is operated by constant pressure controls and the transport is both reliable and durable. The step lift can be installed externally for steps leading to a front entrance, for example, or split-level gardens.
  • Wheelchair Stair Lift. This lift is designed for transporting wheelchair users up straight or curved staircases. When required, the platform lowers allowing a wheelchair to roll directly from the floor to the platform. Safety rails lower automatically for safe transport. When not in use, the platform folds back to allow for foot traffic access.
  • Dumbwaiter Lift. Whilst not strictly platform lifts for wheelchairs, dumbwaiters have an important role to play in the home. This small cabinet goods lift is invaluable for transporting shopping, luggage, food, or laundry between floors. The lift can be placed at a height that suits, and there are a number of sizes to choose from.

Commercial Benefits of Platform Lifts for Wheelchairs

Our commercial clients tell us that they prefer platform lifts to ramps because they take up less floor space and, when regularly maintained, offer users a better experience. They appreciate the substantial additional footfall platform lifts attract, and they appreciate the high level of safety awareness that comes as standard when a platform lift is installed.

Bespoke design and installation of platform stair lifts help the commercial sector to comply with Health & Safety and Manual Handing regulations.

Residential Benefits of Platform Lifts for Wheelchairs

Our residential clients appreciate the ease and additional access that wheelchair lifts for the home provide. Not only do these lifts offer a practical function, they can also be customised to suit the home interior décor. Where lifts are installed in the garden, or as an aid to accessing the front door, they’re seen as a durable and reliable aid to everyday activities.

Tower Lifts is an Experienced Platform Lifts Installer

For over 2 decades now, the Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing platform lifts. All our engineers are skilled engineers with years of experience to bring to their work. Tower Lifts is an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

Whether we’re enhancing wheelchair access in a residential environment or creating the vertical transport infrastructure for a London hotel, our primary concerns will always be the safety of passengers, the quality of the transport experience, and the independence of users.

If you would like to know more about the platform lifts solutions we can install for wheelchair users, call our design team today on 01525 601099 for more information.

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