Platform Lifts for Schools, Nurseries and HE

Platform Lifts for Schools, Nurseries and HE

Installing Platform Lifts in Educational Settings

There should be no barriers to children and young adults accessing education. Which is why the provision of high-quality platform lifts is essential. For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts has been designing and installing a range of platform lifts in schools, nurseries, and HE settings across the UK.

A platform lift is the ideal solution to ensure that students who are wheelchair users, or who have mobility issues, can move between floors, use staircases, and navigate short flights of steps safely and efficiently. Tower Lifts designers regularly work with architects and building developers to determine access routes that guarantee inclusive education for every student.

A Range of Platform Lifts

The lifts we install in educational environments need to be tough and durable. Our platform lift range is compliant with Part M of the 2010 Building Regs, and the 2021 School Construction Framework. and, if regularly maintained, will offer excellent service for decades. We offer 3 different types of platform lift:

1. Step Lifts

Many of the schools we work in have developed outwards from core buildings over the decades. This leaves a number of short flights of steps, or split-level pavements/flooring to navigate. The step lift is designed to transport students in wheelchairs from one level to another safely and efficiently. The lift is easy to install, can be used inside or out, and can be fitted with security (password or key) to ensure authorised use only.

2. Inclined Platform Lifts

The inclined lift allows wheelchair users to ascend or descend straight or curved flights of stairs. The lift hugs the contours of the stairway – we’ve even installed inclined lifts on spiral stairways – and doesn’t require the user to leave their wheelchair to use it. The platform which accommodates the wheelchair folds back when not in use, in order to facilitate foot traffic on the stairs.

3. Vertical Platform Lift

This enclosed cabin lift looks like a passenger lift and can be used to transport wheelchair users between 2-5 floors. The modular structure of the vertical platform lift means that it doesn’t require a lift shaft for installation, making it an affordable access option. This innovative technology can be installed internally or externally. The lift is durable and can be customised to integrate with the school décor.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts has installed platform lifts at the Ada College for Digital Skills in London, Trinity College, Dublin and Beaconsfield School in Ealing. In each case we worked closely with our stakeholders to produce the installation that offered the best access solution and was appropriate to the environment. In Dublin for example, we created a step lift that seamlessly integrated with a cobbled courtyard when not in use.

Tower Lifts engineers and designers are DBS checked to meet all safeguarding requirements. We’re aware of the busy school schedule and will always try to schedule lift installation during the school holidays in order to minimise disruption to staff and students.

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