Platform Lifts for Museums

It’s a point of pride for the UK that the vast majority of national museums offer free entry for their visitors. This popular move which came into effect in 2001, saw a massive rise in visitor numbers. On average visits increased by 70%, with some London museums seeing growth of a massive 111%. This demonstrated the huge national appetite for museums, and sustained investment now goes into creating entertaining, educative and accessible spaces across the country.

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Tower Lifts Designs Bespoke Platform Lifts

For nearly two decades now, the Tower Lifts design team has been using platform lift technology to enhance access in public spaces. The museum sector needs no encouragement when it comes to providing a range of vertical transport for their visitors. They tend to be alert to the needs of wheelchair users, families with pushchairs, and people with limited mobility. We’re able to offer a range of platform lift solutions in response:

  • Integrated Platform Lift – this elegant mechanism is seamlessly integrated into its surroundings until activated. It then transforms into a platform capable of transporting a wheelchair from the bottom of a short flight of stairs to the top.
  • Vertical Platform Lifts – the modular structure of the vertical platform lift is ideal for transporting passengers with limited mobility. The design flexibility and ease of installation makes this an ideal solution for ‘hard to access’ areas of the museum.
  • Inclined Platform Lift – If there’s a staircase to traverse, the inclined platform lift offers stylish vertical transport for passengers with limited mobility. It can be tailored to pretty much any set of stairs, we’ve even created on for a spiral staircase!

Goods Lifts for Museums

We tend to associate access with people but, of course, museums also move goods which are often irregular shapes and sizes. The Tower Lifts team always relish the challenge to create a bespoke goods lift, where the weight and size of the goods determine the design. This can lead to doors that are taller than normal, or a huge cabin. Where this is the case we stress test the lift exhaustively to ensure the design is both durable, and fit for purpose.

Regular Maintenance for Museum Lifts

Any lift providing daily access to public facilities will experience higher than normal degrees of wear and tear. All Tower Lifts installations are durable, and have the capacity to sustain heavy usage. For ongoing reliability and safety, however, regular scheduled maintenance and servicing is key. We create tailored maintenance contracts for all our clients, and one of our criteria is the predicted volume of passengers the lift will carry each day.

Emergency Repair and Breakdown

Maintenance is a preventative measure which minimises the risk of lift breakdown. Should one occur, however, museums need to know that they have a support team who will prioritise their problem. Tower Lifts provides 24/7 emergency response. Our team of skilled engineers is trained in working with the public in lift breakdown situations. And they will make repairs wherever possible, in order to expedite a swift return to normal service.

Tower Lifts design bespoke platform lifts for museums. Call our design specialists today to find out more about our passenger and goods lift installations – 01525 601099

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