Platform Lifts for Manchester

Innovative, bespoke platform lifts for Manchester – backed by more than 15 years serving business and private customers across the UK. Tower Lifts is proud to offer a comprehensive range of disabled lift solutions for Manchester, delivering the total package of performance, reliability and unbeatable value for money.

Cutting-Edge Platform Lift Installations for Manchester

We specialise in all aspects of platform lift design, installation, repairs and on-going maintenance. Tower Lifts exclusively offers 100% bespoke vertical transportations solutions, designed from the ground up with the requirements and expectations of the customer in mind. Regardless of the size, specification or nature of the building in question, we can provide you with a cutting-edge platform lift to take convenience and accessibility to an entirely higher level.

The disabled lifts designed and installed by Tower Lifts are ideally suited to individuals with limited mobility and wheelchair users alike. What makes the difference with our bespoke solutions is the way in which even the most confined or awkward spaces can be transformed with dynamic, creative platform lifts, designed and manufactured by the experts.

Of course, it’s important to ensure that your premises meet the requirements of the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) while complying with Part ‘M’ of official Building Regulations. The way we see it however, simply covering the basics isn’t enough. When we go about the design and installation of bespoke platform lifts for Manchester businesses and private residences alike, we focus on the total package of performance, reliability and visual elegance.

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Dynamic Disabled Lift Solutions for Manchester

TLP 1000

Our experience and expertise extend to all types of platform lifts for Manchester. Along with designing and installing bespoke disabled lifts from scratch, we also specialise in the improvement and enhancement of existing vertical transport solutions. Whether looking to revitalise an unreliable disabled lift or upgrade to an entirely more capable and convenient solution, the Tower Lifts team is standing by to help.

We can also help ensure that the disabled lifts in and around your premises continue functioning reliably long-term, with our on-going maintenance and repair services. From planned maintenance works to urgent repairs and call-outs, you can count on Tower Lifts when and where you need us.

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By exclusively providing bespoke disabled lift solutions for Manchester, we’re able to work within the strict limitations of our clients’ budgets. By operating a dynamic pricing strategy, we can help devise and develop a comprehensive transportations solution for the lowest possible price. While we refuse to compromise on quality under any circumstances, we also do whatever it takes to keep our prices as low as possible.


If looking for an accurate and reliable quotation, get in touch to organise an obligation-free consultation and inspection of your premises. To learn more about any of our products or services, the Tower Lifts customer support team is standing by to take your call.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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