Platform Lifts for Homes

Platform Lifts for Homes

Platform Lifts Installation for Homes

Platform lifts for homes reflect a clear shift in the function of vertical transport in the home. Where it was once a luxury item, a platform lift is now a necessity for people who use wheelchairs or have limited mobility and are looking to enhance access in their homes.

Tower Lifts has been installing residential platform lifts for nearly two decades now. The innovative, adaptable technology that drives this form of vertical transport offers a range of benefits to homeowners, alongside increased access:

  1. Effective future proofing for your home. Many couples are now making plans to ensure that they can continue to enjoy living in the family home as they get older. The installation of platform lifts guarantees stylish access to all floors.
  2. Tailored access solutions. Platform lift designs help you to live your life the way you want, with the help for lift technology. Tower Lifts designers work with clients to ensure that access is comprehensive both externally and internally.
  3. Platform lift technology is easy to use. If you are a wheelchair user, you will be delighted with the convenience offered by platform lifts. There’s no need to leave your wheelchair to access it, and the technology is both durable and long-lasting.

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Why Choose a Platform Lift Instead of a Passenger Lift?

The platform lift is designed specifically for people who use a wheelchair or are mobility impaired. This means that every aspect of the design, from the size to the access and safety features, are tailored for wheelchair use. Additionally, platform lifts for homes are easy to install, and require no structural alterations (such as a lift shaft).

Platform lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be finished in different colours and textures. There’s a range of custom design options which allow for the seamless integration of lift technology with the style and aesthetics of your home.

Platform lifts for homes can be designed for use in a range of ways:

  • Straight Inclined or Curved Inclined.  A platform lift can help with stairs access, no matter the contours of your staircase; the Tower Lifts design team has even created an elegant platform lift for a spiral staircase. There is no need to leave your wheelchair in order to use the lift. When not in use, the platform lift folds back to provide clear access for foot traffic.
  • Step Lifts.  If your property has split level flooring, or a short flight of steps inside or out, the step lift is the perfect solution. Also known as a low-rise lift, it’s an elegant way to move from one level to another, seamlessly.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. This looks like a traditional passenger lift, but it’s much smaller. The vertical platform lift travels at a speed of 0.15MPS and is ideal for houses with 1-4 floors. Its cabin can be customised for wheelchair or standing use. The vertical transport lift can be installed indoors, or externally if you prefer.

Bespoke Design Features for Residential Platform Lifts

Residential platform lifts are beautifully flexible, and our design team can adapt them to the existing architecture of your home. Whatever kind of platform lift you require, the finish can be styled to match the décor of its environment, inside or out. We can align our platform lift designs to pretty much any interior design, and we’ve been known to use grass and cobbles to camouflage exterior step lifts.

Installation and Maintenance

Platform lifts for homes are easy to install and usually take between 2-4 days with only minor disruption to your daily routine. Our engineers are always happy to schedule in work at your convenience.

Your new platform lift comes with a warranty, but we recommend regular servicing once it runs out. We tailor our maintenance packages to the type and usage of the lift we’re working with. The inclusion of emergency repairs in your package provides peace of mind that, should there be a problem, you’ll receive prompt attention and repairs from our team.

Tower Lifts are a Leading Platform Lift Company

Tower Lifts has been a leading UK provider of residential platform lift technology for over 15 years. Our skilled and experienced design and installation team always make a site visit before offering any recommendations and engineers are happy to offer advice and guidance to help you create the access you require for your home. Health and safety are always our first consideration, but style, innovation and elegance of access come a close second.

Tower Lifts’ factory trained engineers have extensive experience in bespoke platform lift design, installation, and servicing. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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