Platform Lift Solutions

With more than 15-years experience, Tower Lifts have become a leading platform lift company

Our highly-skilled team of designers, lift technicians and engineers have provided platform lift solutions to many clients over the years.  Our focus is on installing platform lifts that are reliable, efficient, accessible and most of all — safe.


Whatever your access requirements, we’ve got the right platform lift solutions

Clients often request a platform lift solution when they wish to provide accessibility options for disabled or movement-impaired people.  Other common uses for platform lifts include:
•    In private residences, platform lifts are used when there is no space for a lift cabin or lift pit
•    In factories and warehouses, platform lifts are used as a way to quickly move people and merchandise between floors.  Platform lifts are also useful for moving heavy and bulky machinery between floors
•    In public spaces where there is no room for a ramp, a platform lift is used to provide wheelchair access.
•    In historic buildings and homes, platform lifts are often used because they do not require substantial modification to the structure of the building

The main advantages of our platform lift solutions are:

•    No lift shaft is required

Most platform lifts can operate with as little as 50mm below the platform.  This makes it ideal for spaces with architectural constraints.  They are also useful for low headroom installations

•    There is no cabin

Having no cabin reduces the overall cost for the lift and reduces the weight of the lift.  Platform lifts are also useful when dealing with bulky or unwieldy items that might not fit into a lift cabin.

•    Clean and attractive ergonomic designs
Platform lifts feature very clean and minimalist designs that easily match the design aesthetic of the location in which they are placed.  The location of controls on a platform lift is also more flexible than a traditional lift, improving the ergonomic possibilities

•    They offer great value-for-money

Without the need to excavate a lift shaft or supply a cabin, the cost of the lift is greatly reduced.

•    They are fantastic options for providing accessibility

Platform lifts are often used on staircases or next to steps, to provide access to people with a mobility impairment.  The height of platform lifts can range from one step to multiple floors.

•    A range of clever lift mechanisms

Platform lifts can use a variety of technologies to power the lift including ultra-quiet and low profile hydraulic engines.


step lift provider

Stepless Platform Lift Design

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Functional and reliable custom platform lift solutions

We also offer a range of integrated platform lifts, designed to seamlessly integrate into their surrounding.

These stepless platform lifts have been installed across the UK and beyond, in heritage buildings, museums, galleries, libraries, and churches.

Totally customisable and designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding area, these bespoke platform lifts require much less room than ordinary ramp systems.

Common Platform Lift Solutions

We have installed many types of platform lifts including:

Low Rise Platform Lifts
Low rise platform lifts (also known as Step lifts), are designed to lift people or objects a short distance.  They are commonly used in shopping centres to provide access to people in wheelchairs.  Step lifts are also used to lift heavy items in factories, retail stores or warehouses.

Curved Inclined Platform Lifts

A curved inclined platform lift is usually attached to a curved staircase railing.  These bespoke platform lifts normally use collapsible platforms and are commonly installed in private residences or commercial environments.

Straight Inclined Platform Lifts
A straight inclined platform lift is usually attached to a railing on a straight staircase.  Like a curved inclined platform lift, they are commonly used in private residences and commercial environments.

Vertical Platform Lifts
These lifts transport people higher.  They are often partially or fully enclosed with safety gates or doors.

Tower Lifts — Specialist Lift Experts

Tower Lifts have a wealth of experience, designing and installing specialist lifts including bespoke platform lifts and pitless lifts.

We specialise in creating accessible platform lifts that fully comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).  We can include additional ergonomic controls, signage and automation to make the platform lift easier for disabled people to use. Our designers are very creative when it comes to improving the accessibility of our specialist lifts.

We are a full-service lift company — designing, installing, maintaining and repairing platform lifts across the UK.  If you are unsure about the appropriate specialist lift solution for your property, we can offer expert advice and design a solution that fully accomplishes your needs.

In addition to platform lifts, we design and install high-quality passenger lifts, dumbwaiter lifts, and car lifts.

Tower Lifts are an extremely skilled platform lift company and we offer our clients outstanding customer service. We would relish the opportunity to work with you on your next project.

To find out more about our platform lifts, please contact our team today on 01525 601099 or request a callback