Platform Lift Services

Platform lift contractors create tailor-made solutions for buildings that need to offer access to both disabled and able-bodied visitors, without causing damage or disruption to the existing structure of the building. Platform lifts in themselves can be designed to traverse a variety of distances between floors, making all areas accessible to residents and visitors.

What Is A Platform Lift?

Platform lifts are designed to offer cost-effective access to anyone who has difficulty using a traditional staircase. Platform lifts that are installed to traverse between 2 or more floors operate within a fully enclosed shaft that can carry wheelchair users, people and in some cases even goods between floors.

Platform lifts are suitable for everyone, whether they are mobility impaired or not. They offer a cost-effective solution and are cheaper to install than conventional lifts. Because there is no requirement for a machine room or lifting beam, they require little in the way of space or building works, making them suitable for a wide variety of buildings, listed or otherwise.

Platform lifts are reliable, quiet to operate, safe to use and economical to own and install.

If you require platform lift services throughout the UK then contact the Tower Lifts team for more information!


Platform Lift Solutions From Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts have many years experience of providing perfect platform lift solutions for buildings of all shapes and sizes. They are able to provide internal and external step lifts, curved, straight and vertical platform lifts, to assist a wealth of satisfied customers with the supply, fit and maintenance of platform lifts for their commercial or residential premises.

They are also able to offer expert advice on how best to offer your visitors instant and easy access to all areas of the building, ensuring a comfortable ride at all times.

Bespoke Platform Lifts That Really Fit

Because platform lifts are designed to seamlessly integrate into their surroundings, they do not take away from the aesthetics of the space around them. Bespoke platform lifts are fully camouflaged to match the floor around them, and can be as invisible and as unobtrusive as the surroundings require them to be. Here are just some of the custom-made platform lifts offered by the experts at Tower Lifts:

Step Lifts

Step Lifts, also known as low rise platform lifts, offer the ultimate in low rise lifting solutions. Perfectly suited for installations within factories or warehouses, they come in a variety of sizes, a wide range of finishes and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Curved Inclined Lifts

These lifts are designed and installed to allow visitors access via a curved staircase. Curved Inclined Lifts offer an effective transport solution where there is limited space available, as a lift that traverses a curved incline occupies less space than a regular lift.

Straight Inclined Lifts

Straight inclined platform lifts are designed for use with straight staircases, in both residential and commercial settings. Offering anodised aluminium rails, airtight wiring and a painted finish, they guarantee both a high level of performance and long-lasting durability.

Vertical Platform Lifts

A traditional alternative to standard lifts, vertical platform lifts offer customers or residents with visual or physical impairments easy access to all areas. Well-suited to both residential and commercial buildings, these durable and first-class platform lifts are tailor-made to suit your surroundings.

Platform Lift Services From Tower Lifts

For all of your platform lift requirements in the UK, why not speak to our friendly and professional team who will able to design the perfect platform lift for you. Find out more about our Plaftorm Lift Services by calling us today on 01525 601099