Platform Lift Maintenance

Platform Lift Maintenance

Finding a Platform Lift Maintenance Company

Vertical transport is a major success story across the world, because it provides an essential service. The platform lift sector, in particular, provides a service which is critical to wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility or sight. Without this form of vertical transport a significant number of people would be potentially excluded from virtually every walk of life.

Finding the right platform lift maintenance company is, therefore, crucial. At Tower Lifts we have 5 criteria for achieving this, which we can share with you now:

1. Tailored Maintenance Contracts

There’s a huge degree of variance in the use of platform lifts across the sectors in which they’re employed. A bespoke platform lift in a gallery is likely to get a light volume of usage. Whereas a step lift in a busy shopping area will get much more. Wheelchair lifts are regularly installed outdoors, and this has an impact on the regularity of maintenance checks required. A maintenance contract should be agreed only when your lift has been carefully assessed.

2. Knowledge of Platform Lifts

Not all lift companies are familiar with the range of platform lift design and installation. It’s best, therefore, to look for platform lift companies that provide specialist maintenance packages. A platform lift specialist will know about the common maintenance problems that occur in inclined platform lifts, for example. And they will be able to provide expert guidance on modernisation and refurbishment for the model you have installed.

3. 24 Hour Repairs

This is essential for platform lift users. If a passenger lift breaks down, passengers are inconvenienced. If a platform lift stops working a user may be unable to access work, or their home. You will want to know that, whatever the time, you can contact your emergency repair provider and have them with you in a reasonable time. They should be able to guarantee the likelihood of immediate repairs.

4. Lift Maintenance and Refurbishment

At Tower Lifts we like to build long term professional relationships with our platform lift managers. Our engineers carry out basic maintenance checks, but we also offer guidance and advice on potential refurbishment opportunities. This may involve modernising a component, or improving the aesthetics of your platform lift. Our aim is always to achieve the best performance, safety, and longevity for your installation.

5. Maintaining Compliance

There are a number of regulations and laws which platform lifts are required to be compliant with:

Your platform lift maintenance company should be aware of these regulations, and understand compliance in relation to them.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been designing, installing and maintaining platform lifts across the UK for nearly two decades now. We provide step lifts, vertical platform lifts and inclined lifts. We also have a reputation for bespoke designs where the requirements are unique, or the architecture appears intransigent. We are knowledgeable and experienced in working with most platform lift models.

If you would like to know more about Tower Lifts’ tailored platform lifts maintenance contracts, please call us on 01525 601099

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