Platform Lift Installation for Croydon Town Hall


A recent project we have been working on, based at Croydon Town Hall is a project which was carried out in two phases.  The first phase of the project involved installing a vertical platform lift for access to the lower ground floor giving access to all individuals using the building.

When it comes to a public building such as town halls it is essential that there is good access available for every member of the general public, including those with mobility disabilities.  We spent time working with our client at Croydon Town Hall in order to decide on the right location of the vertical platform lift.

The second phase of the project at Croydon Town Hall was the installation of an inclined platform lift

Inclined platform lifts allow disabled access between different floors within the town hall building. One of the many benefits is that it doesn’t need to be installed vertically, if there are limitations on space. Instead it can go up and down a curved stairway and many other options are available as a solution.  The installation included a seat which enabled to lift to also be used as a stair lift.  This also benefits individuals who require easy access to the different levels of Croydon Town Hall.

Working closely with our contacts at Croydon Town Hall ensured that this was installed to meet our clients specification. The solutions we proposed ensured that all access issues were resolved whilst minimising the impact on valuable space within the building.

Platform Lift Installations at Croydon Town Hall

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