Platform Lift in London, Muswell Hill


Providing Access With a Platform Lift In London

If you are looking for a Platform Lift in London, here at Tower Lifts we deal in a huge array of lift configurations for every type of situation. One of our most popular types of lift is our platform lift, which provide step-free access for the mobility impaired. We often highlight these installations in our blog stories to showcase their customisability and unique operating capacity in a variety of situations. The majority of installations we are called to do are of platform lifts in London, and our latest project was no exception.

We were contacted recently to discuss a project for installing a platform lift in a London communal garden

This residential apartment block in Muswell Hill, north London, benefitted from a lovely communal garden which residents greatly enjoyed using. However, the garden was accessible only by a set of steps, which was prohibitive to the disabled or residents of limited mobility. The requirement was to install a platform lift next to the existing steps to allow full access for all.

Aesthetics required for this platform lift project

As a comfortable and reasonably expensive apartment building, the clients were keen that the platform lift should not look too ‘industrial’, to ensure it fit in with the decor of the apartment building, and also didn’t look too striking against the landscaping of the garden. As with all the platform lifts we’ve installed in London, we were able to customise the design and materials used to ensure these requests were met, and we presented a clean, minimalist design that was very in-keeping with the building’s decoration.

With a vertical rise of approximately 1100mm, this project required a particular kind of platform lift. After discussing the clients’ requirements, and conducting an in-depth site visit, we drew up plans for an external open platform lift which could cope with the 1100mm rise. The bespoke design was fitted quickly and easily, with minimum disruption to residents, and the results were fantastic. Everyone was thrilled with the new installation, and greatly appreciative that the gardens could now be enjoyed by the building’s entire community.

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