Platform Lift for JD Gym, Sunderland

JD Gyms are a high regarded and well-established name in personal fitness that provide state-of-the-art, award winning facilities and cutting edge fitness experiences. The recently completed Sunderland JD Gym is a multimillion pound project, that provides industry leading equipment and a range of exciting classes for the people of Sunderland.

JD Gyms offer an inclusive approach to fitness and welcome members of all levels and abilities. With a wide selection of easily accessible classes and facilities available, the provision of a reliable lift to help visitors in wheelchairs or with pushchairs was of paramount importance.

Tower Lifts were delighted to be able to design and install a bespoke platform lift to ensure that all members and guests can quickly and easily access all areas of the JD Gym building.

Why Choose Our Platform Lifts In The North East?

With over 15 years experience of providing bespoke platform lift solutions throughout the UK, the reliable and highly regarded team at Tower Lifts can design and install a wide variety of platform and mobility lifts to suit any number of environments.

Our bespoke platform lifts offer creative solutions for businesses that need to improve accessibility without ruining the aesthetics of their own surroundings or have a very small amount of space to work with. Platform lifts and recessed platform lifts are ideal for buildings that want to focus on offering appealing surroundings paired perfectly with practical vertical travel solutions.

Using high spec, modern components, our platform lifts work well in modern environments. With railings and gates made from stainless steel and glass, our bespoke platform lifts can be seamlessly integrated into public spaces like gyms and fitness centres. They can also offer recessed platform lift designs that have hidden safety barriers and that will not ruin the surroundings in the same way that permanent fixtures can often do.

Easy Access For Everyone

Gyms and modern fitness facilities increasingly offer a wide range of equipment and classes to suit members of all abilities. Wheelchair users or those with limited mobility need to be able to safely reach the various areas of the gym in order to be able to work with the best equipment to suit their needs.

At the JD Gym in Sunderland, the facilities are situated across two floors, meaning that our reliable and easy to use platform lift offers every user the freedom to travel between floors.

Most gyms also offer a crèche facility making them the perfect place for parents to leave little ones while they work out. Pushchair access is also an important element in welcoming every member of the facility, and one which JD Gyms is always keen to supply.

Our bespoke platform lifts offer quick and easy access to all areas to the JD Gym in Sunderland, and are modern and eye-catching enough to seamlessly blend in with their surroundings.


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