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The past twenty years has seen extraordinary advances across the UK in the provision of access for people with wheelchairs, limited mobility, or visual impairment. Our heightened awareness as a society is thanks to the Disability Discrimination Act, which was passed in 1999, and requires that care and consideration is given to providing appropriate access to public buildings for people with disabilities.

Another major factor in the rapid growth of enhanced access is the evolution of innovative platform lift technologies. There is now a range of platform lifts, using state-of-the-art technology to ensure first class performance, durability and flexible installation options. Best of all, platform lift technology has developed with an awareness of the need to create affordable options for installers across a range of sectors.

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A Range of Innovative Platform Lift Technologies

The design and installation of bespoke platform lifts is a major part of the work we do at Tower Lifts. Over the years we have created enhanced access solutions for workplaces, domestic environments, shopping centres, hotels, museums and art galleries. We are now able to offer an impressive range of platform lifts to suit every environment:

  • Vertical Platform Lifts – if you need an alternative to negotiating stairs, the vertical platform lift offers a compact and convenient alternative. We often recommend installation of this option where there are space, or height restrictions as it doesn’t require a lift shaft. The vertical platform lift can be powered by an hydraulic or electric system and the cabin can be optimised for wheelchair users.
  • Step Lifts – this lift is perfect for split level environments where a step, or a short flight of steps requires negotiation. The step lift provides an elegant solution for anyone requiring assistance with stairs. The Tower Lifts team create bespoke step lift solutions in which the materials, textures and colours used integrate with the operating environment – and we can install the step lift inside or out.
  • Curved or Straight Inclined Platform Lifts – where there is limited space for an access solution, the curved or straight inclined platform lift is an ideal alternative for people who cannot use stairs. The absence of a traction unit means that whatever the contours of the staircase, Tower Lifts can create a bespoke platform lift; we have even created lifts for spiral staircases!
  • Integrated Platform Lifts – an integrated platform lift is one that is designed to seamlessly match the operating environment; this might be a short flight of stairs, a patch of grass, or a specific floor finish. When required, the safety barriers move into place and the platform unfolds from the stairs or the floor. This is particularly popular with heritage properties where the aesthetic of the environment needs to be maintained.

Creating Access in Every Environment

Key to maintaining the growth of disabled access for the UK’s infrastructure is the recognition that lifts need to be affordable, adaptable, and easy to install. Tower Lifts has a great track record for proactive problem solving when it comes to architectural challenges, lack of space, or aesthetic requirements. We know we’ve succeeded when adoption is immediate and the installation becomes at talking point!

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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