Platform Goods Lift

Platform Goods Lift

Goods Lifts do the Heavy Lifting for Business

The goods lift has revolutionised the way we do business over the past century. Rather than needing manpower to haul heavy loads from one floor to another, the platform goods lift automates the process. Whether it’s fresh produce, stock, hot meals, or heavy equipment, vertical transport is the most efficient way to keep goods moving fast in modern business.

The platform lift makes lift installation possible for a whole host of businesses that had neither the space nor the budget to install a lift shaft. It’s a state-of-the art technology that combines flexibility with affordability. Now, no matter the size or dimensions of the operating environment, a bespoke platform goods lift installation is possible.

Case Study - Goods Lifts Make Business EasierCase Study – Goods Lifts Make Business Easier

The Tower Lifts design team work collaboratively with architects, building managers and business owners to solve logistical problems. The UK retailer, JD Sports asked us to help them with the problem of moving trainers from the stockroom to the shop floor without sales staff having to leave the shop floor.We suggested dumb waiter lifts as a solution, and they’re now installed in stores across the UK.

A Range of Platform Goods Lifts

The beauty of the platform goods lift lies in its adaptability. We have a range of basic models that can be customised to suit the specific requirements of our clients:

  • Goods LiftsThis self-supporting design, featuring a modular structure, can be installed without the need of a pit and shaft. Our goods only lift can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for messy and disruptive building alterations. It’s ideal for moving cleaning materials, light equipment, stock, or laundry.
  • Goods with Attendant. Shops, warehouses and hotels often require a goods lift that is operable by an attendant. This self supporting structure doesn’t require a pit and shaft for installation, making it a cost effective investment for your business. The lift can take weights of up to 2000kg.
  • Dumbwaiter LiftThis small, waist-high installation was initially designed to carry food from a busy kitchen up to diners above. It’s still used for this purpose by pubs, restaurants and hotels. At Tower Lifts we’ve used this particular model in shops, hotels, and private domestic settings.
  • Mezzanine Goods Lifts. A mezzanine floor is installed as a part floor in order to maximise floor space for business. Mezzanine goods lifts are self-supporting. They can be installed either through the flooring or be attached to the inner edge of the platform. They facilitate the transport of goods, or people between floors.

Looking After the Life of Your Lift

Once your platform goods lift is installed it will quickly become indispensable to your business. Which is why regular maintenance and servicing is essential. At Tower Lifts we offer tailored maintenance contracts which:

Will the Installation of a Platform Goods Lift Disrupt Business?

The Tower Lifts installation team is used to working in busy commercial environments. The majority of the goods lifts we install cause little disruption, and we can schedule the work to minimise the risk to business interruption. As professionals, we can be depended upon to behave in an appropriate manner when encountering customers or employees.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

For nearly two decades now we’ve been providing high quality bespoke lifts to industry, retail, commercial and the residential sector. We’re known for our innovative design work, using platform lift technology, and for the professionalism of our engineers. What is unique about the work we do, though, is our enduring passion for creating innovative solutions, whatever the challenge we’re presented with.

Bespoke design and installation of platform goods lifts help businesses to comply with Health & Safety and Manual Handing regulations. Tower Lifts is an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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