Pitless Lifts

Many buildings have space constraints that make it difficult to install a traditional lift shaft.  The building may lack the room necessary for the lift pit or headroom necessary for the lift’s mechanical components.  In these situations, a pitless lift / low pit lift may be required.

Pitless lifts use mechanical components that allow the lift to operate with a smaller lift pit.  They can also be designed so lift machinery does not use space above the lift shaft.  Pitless lifts typically use an efficient hydraulic or traction unit lift mechanism with the machine room located away from the lift shaft, in a nearby room.

The end result is a lift that can operate with as little as 250 mm clearance below the lift cabin and 2500 mm headroom — a significant space saving!

Tower Lifts have been installing pitless passenger lifts and pitless goods lifts for our clients for well over a decade.  Our pitless lifts are reliable, efficient and safe.  They conform to all applicable lift safety and construction regulations.

We can create a bespoke pit less lift solution that is perfect for your home or business!  Contact us today on +44 (0) 1525 601099 to learn more or read on to discover the advantages of installing a pitless lift. – See a recent case study for a pitless Lift in London

The Advantages of Pitless Lifts

There are many advantages to using a pitless lift including:

  • They allow you to fit a lift into a property with significant space constraints
    There are many buildings that simply do not have sufficient space for the installation of a traditional lift.  A pitless lift may be the only way you can have a passenger lift or goods lift on the property. For new buildings make use of every square metre available, pitless lifts are an excellent space-saving choice.
  • They are perfect for listed and historical buildings
    If your property is of great architectural value or is heritage-listed, it is important to minimise the amount of disruption caused by your lift installation.  A pitless lift requires less excavation below and above the lift shaft.  By minimising excavation, you can ensure the integrity of your building stays intact.
  • You can use the space for something else
    You may prefer to use the space for something else — storage or an extension to a room.
  • Easier and faster to install
    In most cases, low pit lifts are easier and faster to install because there is less excavation required.  This makes them a popular choice for installations running on a tight deadline.  If the lift is being placed into an existing building, using a pitless solution can avoid the need for very expensive slab cutting and structural reinforcements.
  • Fast and Quiet
    Our pitless lifts use traction units or hydraulic machinery to provide a lift system that moves quickly over short distances while maintaining a very low-level of noise.

Pitless Goods Lift

Pitless goods lifts are particularly useful in busy commercial or industrial operating environments where space is at a premium. There are significant advantages to installing a pitless goods lift in you place of business.

pitless goods lift

  • The business becomes more productive
    A reliable and efficient pitless goods lift can carry hundreds or items per hour.  They are very easy to load and greatly increase the productivity of workers.
  • There is less risk of injury to your workers
    Carrying heavy objects down a staircase can be a very dangerous activity — particularly if it is being performed many times each day.  Workers may gradually develop back injuries or have a fall.
  • Very heavy items can be transported using machinery
    A bespoke pitless lift can be designed for loading with a forklift or any other industrial machinery you use.

If you have a pitless lift installed which requires repairs, we have a team of dedicated experts ready to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


Why Choose Tower Lifts for Your Pitless Lift Installation?

We have the combination of experience, skill and knowledge to install the perfect pitless lift for your home or business!

Our skilled technicians are experienced with hydraulic lifts and machine-roomless lifts (MLR) like our traction units.  They are energy-friendly, extremely reliable and easy to maintain.   All pitless lifts are designed and constructed in accordance with the necessary regulations including the EN.81 lift standards.

Tower Lifts have a strong focus on safety and customer support.  Once your pitless lift is installed, we will be available to maintain it and ensure it remains compliant with the necessary safety regulations.

At Tower Lifts we offer creative solutions when consulting on disability access lifts. We take into consideration the many different requirements users will need, and we try to balance this with a design that is integrated into the aesthetic of the lift’s location. We aim to provide a seamlessly integrated solution which acknowledges the needs of every passenger.

If you would like to learn more about our Pitless Lifts, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by email: info@tower-lifts.co.uk

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