Personal Lifts

Installing Personal Lifts in the Home

Social care in the UK is struggling to keep pace with an ageing society. This has led to a number of families taking proactively planning for old age in their own homes. Over half of the British population now say that they don’t want to have to move into a care home as they get older. Which means that family homes need to to change to accommodate impaired mobility.

Personal lifts are an integral component of ‘future-proofed’ homes. Rather than waiting for a life event that forces structural change in the home, families are now taking a look at the range of home lifts on offer. Homes are becoming ‘smarter’ by the year with wireless thermostats, alarms and fridges. A personal lift is just one component in the creation of a house built for people requiring enhanced support as they grow older.

Installing Personal Lifts

It is already the case that a personal lift is a popular differentiator when it comes to new-build housing. Most personal lifts are currently retro-fitted in older properties, however. Our bespoke residential lift designs can overcome even the most daunting of architectural challenges. Home lifts are designed to have small footprints for this reason. Their modular design ensures that they can fit snugly, even in spaces that look unpromising.

Ensuring Access in Your Home

Tower Lifts designers will audit your home in order to create a future-proofing system that gives you full access. We imagine the worst-case scenarios, so that you can be sure that – whatever happens – you’ll be able to continue living in every part of your home. We also take into account your garden and exterior access. If have steps to the front door, or a split level garden; we’ll create an elegant solution to ensure full access.

A Range of Bespoke Personal Lifts

Our aim at Tower Lifts is to maintain, or even enhance, the interior style and design of your home, whilst maximising access. Our early discussions with clients tend, therefore, to be as much about what personal lifts will look like, as how they will be integrated into your home.

  • Integrated Platform Lifts. If you have a small flight of steps leading to your front door, or a split level garden, our bespoke platform lifts are an elegant solution. They are are designed to integrate seamlessly with their surroundings, until required. The camouflaged lift then reveals itself, and provides high quality vertical transport for wheelchair users.
  • Home Lifts. These quiet and efficient modes of transport have a modular design which allows them to fit into difficult domestic spaces. There’s no need for a lift shaft, which means that installation is quick, and disruption to your home is minimal. Personal lifts can be customised, inside and out, to match the style and décor of your home.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly 2 decades now, Tower Lifts has been a leading UK designer and installer of home lifts. We’re passionate about providing access for future-proofing projects, and can be relied upon to come up with an innovative and creative range of home lift solutions.

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