Residential Lifts

Our residential lifts are specially designed for installation in a domestic setting like in a house or care home. If physical or visual disabilities mean you struggle to use stairs, then one of our residential lifts could provide that much-needed ease and convenience when moving between floors.

Although they are designed for residential settings, our residential lifts are also ideal for any other environments where space or other conditions prevent the installation of a conventional elevator. This could be in an office, factory or any other commercial building.

 glass residential lift
red and silver residential lifts
brown interior residential lift
glass lift
residential lift
residential home lift
white interior residential lift
doors outside residential lift


Traction or Hydraulic Drive
0.15 - 1.0 MPS
250 – 1000kg
100mm minimum
2500mm minimum

Why Choose Tower Lifts for Your Residential Lift Installation

Tower lifts specialise in designing and installing bespoke residential lifts. We are the leading lift installation company in the United Kingdom and have over 15 years experience installing lifts in private residences.

Our residential lifts are a popular choice in multi-story homes where some of the residents have mobility constraints

All residential lifts that we design and install have a high level of accessibility and fully comply with Disability Discrimination Act guidelines. We can also customise the width of doors and cabin size to accommodate any special items that might be required to fit into the elevator.

Tower Lift’s highly skilled consultants gather your requirements over one or more meetings, then design the perfect residential lift for your home

We can customise the design of your lift to closely match the design aesthetic of your home. Our lift interiors can be carefully matched to the details found within your other rooms. All of our lift installations are safe, fast and quiet, which makes them ideal for private residences.

We are also highly experienced at installing residential lifts with pit depth or height restrictions. That makes us an outstanding choice for lift installations in established homes with architectural constraints.

The Leading Supplier of Home Lift Solutions

Whether you are looking for a residential lift, require maintenance on a existing installation or would like to speak to us about our comprehensive home lift range, call or e-mail our customer service team today to discuss your requirements.