Passenger Lifts North London

Bespoke Passenger Lifts for North London

Tower Lifts has been a regular visitor to the North London region, ever since we started out nearly two decades ago. Our passenger lifts in North London can be found in office blocks, residential homes, shopping malls, private domestic settings, hotels and heritage buildings. And it’s not all about installation; we also provide ongoing maintenance, lift breakdown repairs, and bespoke lift designs.

Why Choose a Bespoke Lift Design?

In our experience there are relatively few passenger lift installations that are ‘standard’. Many of the businesses or homes we work in either lack the requisite room for a lift shaft, or simply don’t have the space to fit a standard passenger lift. Where this is the case a bespoke lift design provides an opportunity to create the vertical transport that matches the unique specifications of your environment.

What is the Bespoke Design Process?

Whatever the environment for passenger lifts in North London, the design process begins in very much the same way. We’ll meet with our clients to garner the information we need about their passenger lift design. These include discussion of the volume of passengers that will be carried by the lift, the cabin size, where it will be located, design specifications, and any security or safety features that are needed.

Where the architecture presents a challenge to lift installation, we’ll take a look and present our solutions. Tower Lifts designers have worked in extremely problematic locations, and have never yet been beaten. Plans are drawn up and, once we have approval, they are passed on to our installation engineers.

Bespoke Design Modification

Our aim is always to design vertical transport that is a perfect match for our clients’ home or working environment. Every lift we design meets the highest standards for safety, durability and performance – whilst also ahering our design brief. Virtually any lift component can be modified as part of a bespoke lift design:

  • Performance/Lift Mechanism. Once we have assessed the operating conditions for your lift, we’ll recommend either traction, hydraulic, or pneumatic lift mechanisms.
  • Lift Size. Whether you need a passenger lift for 30 people, just you and your wheelchair, or an executive team only, we’ll create a lift that meets your requirements.
  • Accessibility. We know and work with accessibility regulations daily, and will make sure that your lift is fully compliant.
  • Cabin Design. We can brand your passenger cabin, add unique features, such as video, or simply match it to the environmental aesthetic.
  • Security. If you want your lift protected, we can install a card reader, keypad, CCTV, biometrics, alarms or sensors. Just tell us what you need.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading UK lift designer and installer. We supply platform lifts, goods lifts and passenger lifts for industry, commercial businesses and domestic clients. In addition to designing bespoke passenger lifts for North London customers, we also offer lift repair, maintenance and modernisation.

Would you like more information on the installation of bespoke passenger lifts in North London? Call the Tower Lifts team today to speak to a specialist – 01525 601099

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