Passenger Lifts in Leicester for New JD Sports Store

The JD Sports brand has enjoyed unparalleled growth since its humble beginnings in Bury three decades ago; it now has 800 stores across the UK, selling thousands of trainers every day to shoppers in numerous retail hubs and High Streets. And there’s no sign that growth will slow down any time soon! JD Sports has just opened a new store at Fosse Park, the UK’s largest out of town shopping centre, situated just outside Leicester. This new location presents exciting new opportunities for the brand, with multi-floor retail space and thousands of shoppers passing through the Fosse shopping centre every day of the week.

JD Sports Commissions Passenger Lifts in Leicester

Passenger Lifts in Leicester

JD Sports Passenger Lift, Fosse Park shopping centre

Tower Lifts have worked with JD Sports in a number of their locations, installing dumb waiter lifts in Dundrum Shopping Centre in Ireland, as well as Doncaster, Coventry, London, and Luton. Having built our reputation with the brand by providing a simple solution to the challenge of maintaining a fast and efficient flow of trainers to the shop floor, without losing customer-facing staff to the task, JD Sports have now commissioned a passenger lift for the transportation of customers between floors in their new store in Leicester.

Tower Lifts are Providers of Choice for Retail Lifts in Leicester

Shopping represents a major chunk of the UK economy and shopping centres across Britain continue to enjoy high visitor rates throughout the year. We are now a nation of experienced shoppers and, as such, our expectations of the service and convenience we can expect has risen over the past few decades. The installation of passenger lifts in Leicester for retail hubs such as Fosse Park provides families with young children, elderly shoppers, and wheelchair users with unlimited access to all parts of the shopping centre, and turns shopping into an experience to be enjoyed, rather than a chore to be feared.

Why Choose Tower Lifts for the installation of Passenger Lifts in Leicester and elsewhere?

Our team of lift installers and designers have over fifteen years of experience in creating solutions for our clients, whatever the challenges they present. We understand how transformative lift installations can be when requiring enhanced efficiency for the transportation of goods, or enhanced access for every shopper that enters your store. Working closely with clients in order to understand their needs, we pride ourselves on providing bespoke lift installations that solve specific commercial problems, support brand values, and give shoppers the lift they need to get them through the rest of the day.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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