Passenger Lifts in Birmingham

Tower Lifts Specialise in Installing Passenger Lifts in Birmingham

If you install a passenger lift in your home or business, it is important that it be safe, reliable and quiet.  Tower Lifts have the experience and skills necessary to help you achieve these goals! 

We have been installing world-class passenger lifts in Birmingham for more than 15-years.  Our team has installed passenger lifts in many different operating environments — offices, residential buildings, private residences, hospitals, aged-care facilities and public buildings.    

We can deliver a safe and reliable passenger lift system in Birmingham that your visitors will love to use!

Passenger Lifts in Birmingham

Stunning Passenger Lifts — Perfectly Matched to Your Home or Business

Lifts are no longer the sterile boxes that they once were.  Our bespoke passenger lifts can be perfectly crafted to match the design details in a building.  They are luxurious, warm and welcoming.

We specialise in building scenic lifts that use large glass panels to take advantage of any views that are available.  These stunning passenger lifts are often installed in shopping centres, public buildings, and residential complexes.  Scenic passenger lifts can also be used to highlight the internal architecture of a building.

Bespoke Passenger Lift Solutions

Each lift is carefully designed to match the limitations of the site and the technical requirements of the installation.  We often install hydraulic and machine-roomless passenger lifts in Birmingham, which are ideal for buildings with space restrictions.

All of our passenger lifts are ruggedly designed to handle extremely busy operating environments.  They are fabricated with very high-quality materials that are built to last.

Not only are our passenger lifts tough, they are safe!   We have an unblemished safety record and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that record continues.  Tower Lifts  are also an ISO9001:2008, Lift Cert and UKAS approved company.

Once your lift is installed, Tower Lifts offer a service package that will ensure its continued smooth operation and regulatory compliance.  It will remain reliable and operate flawlessly for many years to come.

We Take Accessibility Seriously

Having an accessible lift is particularly important for public buildings, shopping centres, and apartment complexes.  Tower Lifts design our passenger lifts in accordance with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) lift requirements, ensuring very high levels of accessibility. 

We have a deep understand of the requirements for making a lift accessible for disabled people and those with a movement impairment.  Our team can also install additional features that enhance accessibility even more, including additional lift controls and safety handles.


Bespoke Platform Lift in London

The Most Experienced Lift Engineers in Birmingham

We are very proud of the skills and experience that our team possesses.  We have employed the most experienced lift engineers in Birmingham to ensure every installation is flawlessly designed and constructed.  They have installed many passenger lift systems in Birmingham and will get it right the first time!

Don’t Think You Have Room For a Lift?

Think again!  Tower Lifts specialise in designing passenger lifts with low pit and headroom restrictions.  Our lifts can fit into very tight spaces, where a traditional lift installation would be impossible.

We use a variety of technologies to install passenger lifts into locations with space constraints including hydraulic systems.  Our skilled designers can install a lift with as little as 250 mm pit space, or 2500 mm max headroom.  We can fit a lift almost anywhere!

We Also Install Conveyor Systems in Birmingham

In addition to installing world-class passenger lifts, Tower Lifts design and install conveyor systems for industrial or commercial purposes.   Our most recent conveyor installation in Birmingham was for the shoe shop “Schuh”.  The installation has helped their store greatly increase its productivity and has made life much easier for their staff.

All Passenger Lift Systems in Birmingham Are Unique

Every one of our passenger lift installations in Birmingham is unique.  Our lifts are carefully designed to match the building in which they reside.  You won’t get a cookie-cutter lift installation, you will obtain a product that has been specifically designed to match your requirements and operating conditions.

Once installed, our lift maintenance, repair and inspection service will ensure that it continues to run reliably for many years to come.

If you are interested in installing a passenger lift in Birmingham, contact us today by ringing 01525 601099 or emailing

In addition to Passenger lifts, we can also supply and install a range of lifts, throughout the UK including:

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