Passenger Lifts for Homes

We Design Passenger Lifts for All Sorts Of Homes

Are you living in a property that you want to make your forever home? If so, you may want to think about how you can future proof your property to ensure that you continue to enjoy it as you grow older. The Tower Lifts team designs bespoke passenger lifts for homes that may need adaptation in order to continue looking after you when mobility becomes more of an issue.

Turning a property into a home is all about working out how you need your environment to look after you. Perhaps you would appreciate help with moving groceries from floor to floor, or the peace of mind of knowing you can access all floors without having to use the stairs. Installing a residential lift can be a lot less expensive than moving and it’s not so much of an upheaval.

What Kind of Lift Do I Need?

There are different types of passenger lifts for homes to choose from, according to the specific requirements that you have:

  • Passenger Lift. This is the lift we are all familiar with. It comprises a passenger cabin, with sliding automatic doors. It is best suited to larger homes with multiple floors, or to new homes where it can be installed as part of the build. The traditional passenger lift requires a lift shaft as part of the installation.
  • Platform Lift. The innovative platform lift technology is designed to transport people with mobility impairment, or wheelchair users. The major advantage it offers is that no lift shaft is required for installation. Platform lifts can be fitted to stairways, short flights of steps (indoors or outdoors), or – like the passenger lift – between floors.
  • Through-Floor Lift. These small, flexible lifts enable one or two people at a time to travel between the ground floor and, for example, their bedroom. This is an ideal installation if you live in a smaller home and need a lift that won’t be an overwhelming presence.
  • Dumbwaiter. The dumbwaiter is a stylish service lift which is becoming very popular as a residential enhancement. If your kitchen and dining room are on separate floors it’s ideal for moving meals and drink between. It can also prove invaluable for transporting groceries, laundry, and any unwieldy objects through the house.

Lifts for Homes FAQs

Tower Lifts designers work closely with clients to create exactly the lift they need to enhance their home environment. We’re always happy to answer questions, but these are some we get asked most frequently:

How can I be sure I’m getting the right lift?

Tower Lifts designers will visit your home and discuss your requirements in detail. Then, we’ll be able to talk the options with you and show you how and where the lift would be installed.

Can I choose what the lift looks like?

Of course! We can customise every part of the finish for you. Over the years we’ve fitted glass lift shafts, bespoke flooring and cabin walls, mood lighting many different types of doors.

Is lift installation disruptive?

If we’re retrofitting a lift, we’ll let you know what level of disruption you can expect. Installing a passenger lift takes the longest, due to the lift shaft. All the other lifts are more light touch as there’s no major structural work involved.

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