Passenger Lifts Birmingham

Bespoke Designs for Passenger Lifts in Birmingham

For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts engineers have been helping to develop the vertical transport infrastructure in the West Midlands. Our passenger lifts in Birmingham are located in heritage buildings, schools, office blocks, private domestic settings, hotels and warehouses. In most cases, once the lift is designed and installed, we then go on to provide maintenance and repairs.

When are Bespoke Lift Designs Needed?

Tower Lifts engineers tend to install more bespoke passenger lifts than standard models. Why? Because there are often environmental conditions that make a ‘standard’ installation impossible. It could be that there’s no enough space for a lift shaft, or the spatial dimensions simply aren’t standard. Bespoke lift designs ensure that businesses and homes get the lift best matched to the existing environmental conditions.

How Does Bespoke Passenger Lift Design Work?

Each design for a passenger lift in Birmingham works slightly differently, but it will always begin with a site visit. Our lift designers meet with clients to understand the environment they’re designing for, and gather essential information. We need to know what volume of passengers the lift will need to carry, the lift’s location, security, or additional safety requirements, and design specifications.

If your environment presents an architectural challenge, Tower Lift designers will take a look and offer a solution. Over the years we’ve worked in fairly intransigent locations and we’ve never been beaten, yet! We’ll draw up plans for the agreed solution, and once they’re signed off, we’ll pass them on to our installers.

What Design Modification is Possible?

Many of our clients in Birmingham want to know exactly what can be modified as part of a bespoke passenger lift design. The good news is that when we start from scratch, virtually any component can be modified to match your requirements:

  • Lift Size. Whether you’re looking for a private lift for your executive team, a public passenger lift, or a platform lift for wheelchair users, we will design to your needs.
  • Lift Mechanism/Performance. Dependent on the operating environment of your lift, we’ll make a recommendation of either traction, hydraulic, or pneumatic lift mechanisms.
  • Cabin Design. We can add branding to your passenger cabin, install luxury features, or seamlessly match it to your domestic interior décor.
  • Accessibility. Our engineers are fully cognisant of the most current accessibility regulations and will ensure your lift is fully compliant.
  • Security. Lots of our business clients are now installing additional security as part of a bespoke design. We can integrate a keypad, card reader, biometrics, alarms, sensors, or CCTV.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a specialist passenger lifts installer for Birmingham and the West Midlands. We supply platform lifts, goods lifts and passenger lifts for heavy industry, logistics, commercial businesses and domestic clients. In addition to designing bespoke passenger lifts for Birmingham customers, we also offer lift repair, maintenance and refurbishment.

Would you like more information on the installation of bespoke passenger lifts in Birmingham? Call the Tower Lifts team today to speak to a specialist – 01525 601099

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