Passenger Lifts Bedfordshire

Installing Bespoke Passenger Lifts in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is a county close to the hearts of the Tower Lifts team, because it’s where we originally started out. Ampthill is a small, thriving town midway between Bedford and Luton. It’s not exactly the location you’d think ‘That’s the spot to start a lift company’, but that’s exactly what we did. We’ve come a long way since then, but installing passenger lifts in Bedfordshire is always a special experience for us.

Why do Passenger Lifts Need to be Bespoke?

As a leading passenger lift company, we know that ‘standard’ lift installations are relatively rare. We are regularly asked to design and install passenger lifts for Bedfordshire businesses and residential customers. In many cases, they don’t have the room to accommodate standard passenger lift sizes, or they lack the space for a lift shaft. A bespoke passenger lift is designed to match the unique requirements of your building’s operating environment.

How Does Bespoke Lift Design Work?

Whether you require a home lift, or a passenger lift in a new commercial build, the design process starts in the same way. We meet with homeowners, or commercial property owners to gather the information we need about the passenger lift requirements. We’ll discuss the volume the lift will carry, its location, the size of the cabin, design ideas, and any specific safety or security features required.

If there are particular architectural challenges, we’ll offer recommendations for overcoming them. Our designers have years of experience and have never yet encountered a problem they haven’t been able to solve! We’ll draw up plans, and once approval is given, they will be handed over to our engineers for installation.

Types of Design Modification

At Tower Lifts our aim is to provide the perfect vertical transport for our clients’ environment. It should meet their design brief, whilst also being safe, durable, and high performance. We can modify virtually any lift component as part of a bespoke lift design, including:

  • Passenger Lifts Sizes. From small home lifts to hospital vertical transport, our passenger lifts will adhere exactly to your requirements.
  • Lift Mechanism and Performance. Having considered the operating conditions we will recommend either hydraulic, traction or pneumatic lift mechanisms to meet your needs.
  • Accessibility. Tower Lifts engineers are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to accessibility regulations, and will ensure that your passenger lift meets the appropriate standards.
  • Lift Security. Where security is a priority, we can install additional lift sensors, alarms, card readers, biometric scanners, keypads, and CCTV systems.
  • Passenger Cabin Design. Your cabin interior can be seamlessly matched to the style of your home or building aesthetic.

Working With Tower Lifts

Since Tower Lifts started its business in Ampthill nearly two decades ago, we have built a reputation for being a leading UK lift designer and installer. We provide goods lifts, passenger lifts and platform lifts for business, residential customers and industry. Additionally we offer maintenance, repairs and lift consultancy to ensure ongoing performance excellence for the life of your lift.

Would you like more information on the installation of bespoke passenger lifts in Bedfordshire? Call the Tower Lifts team today to speak to a specialist – 01525 601099

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