Passenger Lift Services Oxford

Oxford is better known for its ‘dreaming spires’ than its high rise buildings. But that doesn’t limit the city’s demand for passenger lift services. Oxford has a rapidly growing population that needs to be on the move. Elevators are one of the key ways in which the city’s businesses, shops, and historic buildings are accessed.

The Tower Lifts design and installation team loves working in cities like Oxford, because the challenges are so diverse. We could be designing a glass panoramic passenger lift for a new hotel one day, and a bespoke step lift for an ancient college the next. We pride ourselves on creating innovative, high-performance and stunningly good-looking passenger lifts whatever the context.

Domestic Passenger Lift Services in Oxford

Demand for home lifts keeps on growing. This is due to the development of domestic platform lifts that are quick to install, competitively priced, and extremely good quality. Best of all, they can be fitted in any kind of home, and don’t require intrusive excavation. Families are now able to ‘future-proof’ their homes by adding a passenger lift between floors. We can provide bespoke designs, styled to align with the surrounding décor.

Passenger Lifts Services for Commercial Properties

We’re kept busy with a range of commercial passenger lift installations across Oxford. Hotels, offices, leisure facilities, shops and historic buildings are all looking to provide inclusive access to customers, global visitors, employees and residents. The concept of inclusivity requires that access is not limited to the able-bodied. Thanks to platform lift technology, businesses are now able to work more creatively to make our public and commercial buildings fully accessible.

Indoor and Outdoor Platform Lifts

Platform lifts enhance access both inside and outside. Step lifts provide an elegant and supremely practical way to overcome the challenge of short flights of steps inside or out. The lift can be seamlessly integrated into the surrounding environment until needed. When required, the low rise lift provides transport between one level and another.

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Tower Lifts Provides Maintenance and Repairs

Once passenger lifts are installed, they quickly become an integral part of the building’s life. It’s essential, therefore, that the service offered is both reliable and high performance. Our Tower Lifts maintenance team will ensure ongoing operating excellence, and passenger safety compliance. Regular servicing minimises the risk of breakdown, and provides reasonable notice of lift upgrades required.

Should your lift require emergency repairs, we have a dedicated team who will respond promptly. They’ll manage any passengers involved in a lift breakdown, and provide instant repairs where possible. If we’re unable to get your lift up and running straight away, we’ll ensure that repairs are completed as a matter of urgency.

Tower Lifts are Leading Passenger Lift Installers

Working with Tower Lifts ensures that your passenger lift is designed for passenger safety, first and foremost. Our lift engineers bring both the skills and experience to manage even the most challenging of environments for installation, and we haven’t been beaten yet!

If you’re looking for passenger lift services in Oxford, including elevator design and installation for domestic or commercial environments, call the Tower Lifts team on 01525 601099

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