Reliable Passenger Lift Services in Stevenage

Stevenage is one of the UK’s post-war successes. In 2016 it celebrated its 70th anniversary as a ‘new town’, and in that time it has attracted a range of businesses, built a robust infrastructure, and developed a culture which is attractive to people who have lived there for generations, as it is to the increasing numbers of commuters who choose to live there and make the forty mile journey into central London each day. Over the past two decades Tower Lifts have provided passenger lifts for Stevenage in shopping malls, hotels, residential homes, sports centres and factories across the town. We continue to play our part in the ongoing development of Stevenage by ensuring reliable passenger lift maintenance, lift repairs and servicing for our clients who rely on the transport and access we provide for their employees, residents and customers on a daily basis.

If you require passenger lift services in Stevenage, Hertfordshire or elsewhere which includes repair, maintenance or servicing, we have a team of Hertfordshire lift experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


Passenger Lift Services are Essential for ROI

Once passenger lifts are installed, their greatest value for the customer or employee is, without doubt, their perceived efficiency and reliability. Once the reputation of a vertical transport installation has been tarnished by breakdown, or faulty service, it’s extremely difficult to win it back again and the return on investment begins to diminish. We advise all our clients installing passenger lifts in Stevenage to take advantage of the lift breakdown service for Stevenage we offer. Dependent on the usage, age and requirements of the lift, we can advise on the level of services that would suit, and we make a guarantee our clients that regular maintenance will add years to the life of your passenger lifts, and bring you the returns you need in passenger use.

Passenger lift services in Stevenage

A Range of Passenger Lift Services in Stevenage

We know how disruptive a lift breakdown can be, whatever the operating environment, and so we will always respond to any Stevenage lift repair as a priority, whether clients have a service package with us or not. Crisis management tends to be costly, however opting for annual lift servicing in Stevenage – rather like with your car – ensures that the operating system is running at optimum performance, and that any minor repairs can be attended to in a timely fashion. Should one of our dedicated maintenance team diagnose the need for parts replacement, or major repair, the assessment is discussed in detail with clients and, more often than not, we are able to schedule in the work at a time which allows for adjustments in budget to cover it.

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