Are You Looking For Passenger Lift Services In Peterborough? Tower Lifts Can Help

Passenger lifts offer a reliable and convenient way of traversing between floors in buildings of all shapes and sizes. Residential, commercial and retail premises all benefit from offering safe and instant access from one floor to another. Here at Tower Lifts we are on hand to help with all of your passenger lift service requirements in Peterborough.

Passenger Lift Maintenance

Offering lifts that work well and do not suffer from the risk of breakdown is vital to ensuring the safe passage of visitors and residents to any building. Lifts can work extremely well for many years, but as with all mechanical forms of transportation, components can suffer from wear and tear over the course of time.

We offer extensive lift repairs and lift servicing in and around the Peterborough area. If your lifts could do with a once over, our professional and experienced team are on hand to help.

Prolong The Life Of Your Lifts With Professional Lift Servicing In Peterborough

Every area of your lift can be susceptible to failure if not regularly serviced and well maintained. Our fully trained Peterborough lift repair engineers can attend breakdowns as and when they happen. Better still, why not have our team undertake regular lift maintenance and servicing to prevent breakdowns happening in the first place?

Nobody wants to be stuck in a lift, and likewise, no building owner wants this to happen either. To ensure that your lifts always offer reliable transportation between floors, have your lifts serviced regularly by the team at Tower Lifts.

What To Expect From Passenger Lift Services in Peterborough

Our lift service programs are designed to investigate existing faults in the components, as well as taking preventative measures before they break or wear out. We undertake a thorough inspection of any lift in your premises to see how well they are working, and how worn parts are becoming. Our inspections look at:

  • the landing and car doors and their interlocks;
  • the main drive system components;
  •  all safety gears, suspension ropes and chains
  • the overload detection devices;
  • all electrical devices including earthing, earth bonding, safety devices and fuses
  • the braking systems and
  • the hydraulics

Any faults found, will be repaired or replaced to ensure the safe passage of anyone using your lifts.

If you require lift services of any kind, we have a team of experts ready and willing to help meet your lift requirements


Passenger Lifts for Peterborough

If you are looking to replace an existing lift, or would like to have a new one installed, we can help with the installation of passenger lifts in Peterborough. We supply, fit, service and maintain a wide variety of lifts, all designed to fit your requirements exactly. From small and discreet platform lifts, through to machine-room operated large load lifts, we can create the perfect vertical transportation solutions for your building.

Our full range of passenger lift services for Peterborough will ensure that you continue to offer full access for every visitor to your building. From emergency lift breakdowns and repairs, to regular lift servicing and maintenance, our experience team of engineers will not leave you or your passengers stranded.

If you would like to find out more about the passenger lift services in Peterborough available from Tower Lifts, call our helpful and friendly team today on 01525 601099.

Tower Lifts carry out installations on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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