Passenger Lift Services in North London

Bespoke Passenger Lift Services in North London

Apart from its village life and tree-lined streets, North London boasts some of the most stunning views of the London skyline. Primrose Hill, Alexandra Park, Parliament Hill are the most famous and you don’t even have to get in a lift to enjoy them! In a modest way, Tower Lifts has been adding to these elevated viewpoints by providing bespoke passenger lift services in North London.

Most of the passenger lifts in North London we’ve installed over the past two decades have been for the commercial sector. More recently though, we’ve seen a growth in demand for residential lifts both in period properties and new-builds. We’re also continuing to develop the inclusivity of the urban landscape by designing and installing wheelchair platform lifts in North London.

Bespoke Passenger Lift Designs From Tower Lifts

The goal of our design team is always to create passenger lifts that are the perfect match for their operating environment. By this we mean that they should fulfil their function, provide second-to-none performance for passengers and enhance the look and feel of the location.

Our bespoke passenger lift services include:

  • Stunning Passenger Cabins. Every component of the lift cabin can be designed to serve your brand, your office aesthetic or your interior design.
  • Scenic Lifts. If you have a view in North London that you want to share, we can create a scenic lift to celebrate it.
  • Low Pit or Headroom Restrictions. If your building doesn’t have room for a lift shaft, our designers will find a solution for you.
  • Camouflaged Wheelchair Lifts. We have designed a number of wheelchair lifts that are seamlessly integrated into the surrounding environment when not in use.
  • Small Lifts for Homes. If you want to install a home lift but don’t want it to dominate, we can create a bespoke design that perfectly fits with your existing interior architecture.
  • Custom Components. Tower Lift designers can customise the cabin size, maximum weight, lift speed, acceleration and accessibility options.

Safety at the Heart of Bespoke Lift Design and Installation

Tower Lifts places passenger safety at the heart of everything it does and we have an unblemished safety record. Every passenger lift installation incorporates both optional and mandatory safety mechanisms ensuring peace of mind for lift managers and users.

Our standard safety mechanisms when installing passenger lifts include:

  • Efficient Communication Systems. These include landline, wireless and mobile options.
  • Passenger Alarm Systems. All lifts are fitted with an alarm. These can be customised so that they notify emergency services, or named contacts.
  • Door Interlocks and Final Limit Switches. Door interlocks are installed at the lift entrance. They prevent operation unless the hoist way door is closed and locked. The final limit switch cuts power if stopping devices fail.
  • Emergency Backup Power and Lowering Device. Should the power fail the lift will continue to offer a diminished level of service. The lowering device brings the lift to the ground floor in case of an emergency.
  • Passenger Lift Handrails. An optional safety feature offering passengers stability and security.
  • CCTV System. We can integrate CCTV into the lift for the safety and security of passengers.
  • Security Access Systems. An access system allows only authorised users to operate the lift. Types of access control include card readers, keypads and biometrics.

Working With Tower Lifts

Whilst much of the work we do in North London involves design and installation, we also provide passenger lift maintenance, servicing and emergency repairs. As a ‘full service’ lift company, you can rely on the Tower Lifts team to provide comprehensive packages in home, leisure facilities or workplaces across North London.

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