Passenger Lift Services in London


Tower Lifts have more than 15-years of experience designing and installing passenger lifts in London and throughout the UK

We have become the leading lift company in the United Kingdom during this time and have built a reputation for installing efficient, reliable, attractive and safe passenger lifts.

We specialise in designing bespoke passenger lifts in London and elsewhere that closely match the requirements of the client and the operating environment of the lift. Our talented technicians have installed passenger lifts in a diverse range of operating environments throughout London including shopping centres, private residences, care and nursing facilities, retail stores and public buildings.

Every passenger lift we install uses the latest modern technology to achieve a quiet and comfortable ride for passengers. Our key focus is on designing and installing passengers lifts with the highest levels of safety and we are proud of our excellent safety record.

Read on to learn more about our passengers lifts in the London or contact us today on 01525 601099 to discuss your requirements.

We Specialise in Installing Bespoke Commercial Passenger Lifts in London

In the past 15-years, the majority of passenger lifts installed by Tower Lifts in London have been in commercial operating environments. One recent commercial passenger lift installation involved installing two lifts in a commercial/retail residential property in Slough,  a few miles West of London.

The installation included a standard ten-person passenger lift and an EN81:72 firefighting lift. The lifts travel from the ground floor to a new penthouse apartment on the seventh floor. We closely matched the aesthetics of the lifts to the residential and commercial components of the building. All components of the lifts were specifically designed for the frequent use they will receive in this busy commercial/residential building.

Tower Lifts have a deep understanding of the requirements of lifts in commercial operating environments

Our bespoke passenger lift installations are reliable, safe, quiet, efficient and beautiful. We also understand that lift construction and lift maintenance must be performed quickly to avoid any disruption to commercial activities. Our highly experienced staff can get the job done on time and on budget. A perfect example of this was a major lift project of last year, in which we installed a Bespoke Goods and Passenger lift in London’s Selfridges & Co historic department store in Oxford Street. Read more 

Passenger Lift in London

The Safest Passenger Lifts in London

Tower Lifts have a very strong focus on building safe passenger lifts and have an unblemished safety record. We use a wide range of mandatory and optional safety mechanisms in our passenger lifts to give building owners peace of mind.

The safety features we use for passenger lifts in London include:

  • Communication Systems
    A variety of communication systems are available for our passenger lifts, including mobile, Internet and landline options.
  • Passenger Lift Alarm Systems 
    All passenger lifts must be fitted with an alarm which is to be used in the event of a technical problem. We can also include additional functionality for alarms so they can notify specific people, connect to the Internet or contact emergency services.
  • Door Interlocks, Final Limit Switches and Other Features for the Passenger Lift
    Installed at every lift entrance, the door interlocks will prevent operation of the lift unless the hoist way door is closed and locked when the lift is on another floor. The final limit switch cuts off power to the lift when stopping devices fail.
  • Emergency Backup Power and Emergency Lowering Device for the Passenger Lift
    We can install backup power systems so the lift maintains some level of operation in the event of a electrical blackout or other emergency. The emergency lowering device will lower the lift to the ground floor in the event of an emergency.
  • Passenger Lift Handrails
    Handrails are an optional safety feature for passenger lifts.
  • Passenger Lift CCTV Systems
    CCTV systems function as both a safety feature and a security measure in lifts. We can integrate a CCTV system with the rest of your security infrastructure to ensure passenger safety.
  • Security Access Systems
    We can install advanced security access systems so only authorised personnel can operate the lift. Electronic access systems can include card readers, keypads and biometric devices.

Bespoke Passenger Lift Experts

Our lift engineers work in tandem with clients to ensure every aspect of the lift is designed to match the client’s requirements and the lift’s operating conditions.  All elements of our bespoke lifts can be modified including:

  • Designer Cabin Interiors

    Our talented designers can closely match the interior of the lift cabin with the interiors of the property. All aspects of the lift’s cabin can be modified including lighting, carpet, paint, trim and decals. We can make your bespoke passenger lift seamlessly blend in with the rest of your building.
  • Scenic Lifts

    Tower Lifts are scenic lift experts! If your passenger lift is in a building that has some great views on offer, why not make the most of them. We can use glass walls and floors to create a stunning passenger lift that people won’t forget.
  • Passenger Lifts in Buildings With Low Pit or Headroom Restrictions

    Our skilled engineers use a wide variety of lift mechanics to install lifts in locations with low pit or headroom restrictions. If your building does not have enough room for a traditional lift shaft required for a passenger lift, we can help you. We are also highly experienced at dealing with lift installations in listed buildings where excavation and construction is severely restricted.
  • Highly Customise Passenger Lift Mechanics
    Many other aspects of the lift can be customised including the size of the cabin, lift speed, maximum weight, acceleration and accessibility options.

Tower Lifts, the Leading company for Passenger Lift Services in London

Our vast experience designing and installing world-class passenger lifts in London has made us the best. We are a full service lift company that helps clients from the design stage through to the maintenance stage.

If you are interested in learning more about our lift services in London, please contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099

In addition to our Passenger Lift Services, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout London and the UK including:

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