Passenger Lift Services in Essex

Bespoke Passenger Lift Services in Essex

Essex overflows with superlatives. It is home to the oldest town in England – Colchester; the longest pier in the world – Southend-on-Sea, and more islands than any other county in England. It will come as no surprise, therefore, that Essex is home to the highest rate of start-ups in the UK, and its proximity to London makes it one of our largest regional economies. No wonder the Tower Lifts team is kept so busy providing passenger lifts services for Essex businesses and homes.

Thriving Economies Need Passenger Lifts

A healthy local economy attracts growth, which means more buildings and more people on the move. Vertical transport keeps an economy moving, whether its a reception lift in a new hotel, and executive luxury lift in a high rise, or a lift offering access to residents in local apartments. Tower Lifts provides bespoke passenger lift solutions for retail, residential and commercial settings in Essex.

Every passenger lift we install has been designed to offer the perfect match for its operating environment. This means that it will reliably fulfil its required function, provide excellent ongoing performance for passengers, and enhance the look and feel of the location.

Bespoke Passenger Lift Services From Tower Lifts

The services we provide for clients in Essex include:

  • Beautifully Designed Cabins. Your passenger lift will be designed to enhance you interior décor, your brand, or your desired aesthetic.
  • Low Pit or Headroom Restrictions. If you have limited pit or headroom, Tower Lifts can offer an alternative for installation in residential, or commercial settings.
  • Wheelchair Lifts. We install platform lifts for passengers in wheelchairs. These are customised to provide disabled access in the home or at work.
  • Scenic Lifts. If you are looking for lift which will offer clients an experience, we design scenic lifts which celebrate a stunning view, inside or outside.
  • Small Lifts for Homes. We work closely with residential clients to create a lift that integrates seamlessly with the home environment.
  • Customised Components. We can customise virtually any one of the lift components to fulfil clients’ requirements.

Emphasis on Safety for Passenger Lift Services

Given the nature of the work we do, passenger safety has to drive every design decision we make. The Tower Lifts team takes pride in its unblemished safety record, and we fit every lift with both optional and mandatory safety mechanisms. These include:

  • Passenger Alarm System. This can be customised to notify named individuals, or emergency services.
  • Efficient Comms. Including mobile, wireless and landline options.
  • Emergency Back-Up Power. Door interlocks at the lift entrance prevent opening unless the hoist way door is closed and locked. A final limit switch cuts power if stopping devices fail.
  • Handrails. Providing a safe and secure journey for passengers.
  • Security Systems. We can install security access, which only allows authorised users to enter and operate the lift.
  • CCTV. Providing a secure environment for passengers, and evidence should criminal activity occur.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts has been designing and installing passenger lifts in Essex for nearly two decades. We also provide passenger lift servicing, maintenance and emergency repairs. As a ‘full service’ lift company, you can rely on the Tower Lifts team to provide comprehensive packages in the home, leisure facilities or workplaces across the county.

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