Passenger Lift Refurbishment in Croydon

Once again, Tower Lifts has been taken on for an extensive Croydon lift refurbishment project by one of the UK’s leading developers. As part of the on-going renovations and development work taking place at Impact House in Croydon, the Tower Lifts team will be taking charge of the building’s three primary 15-stop passenger lifts.

This challenging lift refurbishment project will involve the enhancement of the performance, safety and reliability of the three passenger lifts at the heart of Impact House. Having once again been recognised as a proven market leader in the provision of full-service lift refurbishment and upgrade solutions, Tower Lifts couldn’t be happier with our inclusion in the Impact House renovation works.

Impact House, Croydon

Though originally built to house offices, Impact House is undergoing a series of incredible and extensive renovations, in order to create one of the most stylish and prestigious residential buildings in Croydon. Given that the block wasn’t initially designed to meet the needs of residential occupants, the whole project represents a challenge of epic proportions.

Boasting a central location right at the heart of Croydon’s thriving town centre, the appeal of Impact House for discerning property buyers is enormous. What’s more, with quick and easy access to Croydon’s three main transportation stations, Central London is a matter of minutes away.

Once a somewhat uninspiring office block, the team behind the Impact House renovation has every intention of turning it into a beautiful landmark and centrepiece for the area. Each apartment within the block will feature a beautiful open-plan layout, the highest-quality fixtures and the fastest, most reliable broadband in the UK.

If you require a Passenger Lift Refurbishment in Croydon or a surrounding area, we have a team of experts ready and willing to refurbish any type of passenger lift!


Our Latest Challenging Lift Refurb for Croydon

In order to cater to the needs of its future residential occupants, each of the three 15-stop passenger lifts within Impact House needs to be fully upgraded and refurbished. In order to ensure each lift performs reliably and safely, the Tower Lifts London team has been taken on-board to carry out the necessary works. And as we thrive on every challenge we, of course, jumped at the opportunity to take part!

We’ll also be working on the aesthetics and presentation of the lifts, in order to ensure they reflect the upmarket and prestigious nature of this next-generation apartment block. As the needs of an office block differ greatly from those of a residential development, it’s important to ensure that every lift is up to the job.

Comprehensive Lift Maintenance and Installation Solutions

Tower Lifts has become a market leader in the design, installation and maintenance of the most advanced and innovative transportation systems for all types of buildings. From heavy goods transportation to large and small passenger lifts of every specification, our experience and expertise cover it all.

Once again, we couldn’t be happier at our inclusion with the on-going redevelopment works at Impact House and appreciate the opportunity to once again leave our mark on such an iconic area.

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