Passenger Lift Installers in Sheffield

Throughout the past two centuries, Sheffield was known as the UK’s ‘Steel City’. Now, in the 21st century it’s giving itself a huge makeover and rebranding as ‘The Outdoor City’. Sheffield’s industrial history has long eclipsed the fact that it sits on the edge of one of the UK’s most beautiful National Parks – the Peak District. Visitors to the city are now being encouraged to enjoy its location, as well as its urban attractions.

Tower Lifts have watched this extraordinary transformation, having been lift installers in Sheffield for nearly 2 decades now. Our work on the city’s lift infrastructure covers passenger lift installs for hotels, businesses and retail across the city. We also supply a growing number of residential properties with home lifts. And our platform lift designs are consistently in high demand from the commercial, residential and leisure sectors.

A Sheffield Lift Company

As a leading Sheffield lift company offering design, installation and lift consultancy, Tower Lifts has a reputation for a high standard of work that combines safety excellence, high performance, and durability. We’re hugely proud of the work we’ve done across the city, and we take care to renew our promise of excellence on every new job we take on. Our engineers are UKAS and ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert accredited, guaranteeing the very best in lift installation and design.

Passenger Lift Installers

At Tower Lifts we start every job with a single goal; to create the best passenger lift for the environment we’re working in, whether it’s commercial, business or residential. More often than not this requires us to create a bespoke lift design in order to either overcome architectural challenges, meet individual requirements, or match the lift installed to the branding or aesthetic of its operating environment.

Our lift designers have been creating bespoke designs for clients in the UK and internationally for close to two decades. Virtually any part of the lift system can be customised to meet with a client’s requirements, including: operating mechanism, size, cabin features, or security features. We create lifts that put your requirements at the heart of our operations.

Platform Lift Installers in Sheffield

Every city in the UK has spent much of the past two decades improving access for wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility. The platform lift has made this work easier by providing innovative, adaptive technology that can be installed easily in shops, homes, offices and leisure facilities. Tower Lifts design and install: incline platform lifts for stairways, step lifts for short flights of steps or split level flooring, and vertical platform lifts for access to other floors.

Working With Tower Lifts

Whilst much of the work we do in Sheffield involves designing and installing lifts for clients, we also provide critical maintenance, lift servicing and emergency repairs. As a ‘full service’ lift company, you can rely on the Tower Lifts team to provide comprehensive packages in home, leisure facilities or workplaces across Sheffield.

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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