London Passenger Lift Installation for Retail Store

London is starting to feel like a second home to the Tower lifts installation team! We have recently completed the installation of a Machinery Directive Passenger Lift at Blacks Outdoor Retail Ltd right in the heart of London’s commercial centre, on Tottenham Court Road. As the UK’s largest outdoor retailer, Blacks has stores located in towns and cities across the UK. Tower Lifts has installed a passenger lift in the brand’s Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield, so we were delighted to be asked to develop our relationship with them by working in their London store.

Machine Directive Lifts
What is a Machine Directive Passenger Lift?
This is an EU directive which applies to passenger lifts which travel at speeds less than 0.15m/s. The Machine Directive covers health and safety requirements and would normally apply to low pit lift installations. The Tottenham Court Road location required installation in a confined space without the dimensions required for a traditional lift shaft. For the Blacks store we installed a low pit MRL, or Machine Roomless Lift; this is a low energy consumption, gearless alternative to hydraulic models, and was perfectly suited to the limited space that the Blacks store had available for their vertical transport.



Tower Lifts Work Collaboratively with Big Brands


Machine Directive Passenger LiftsOnce a brand like Blacks has worked with us once, they know they can trust the installation team to provide a professional and highly crafted product for their customers. The lift we created for the London store was designed to integrate with the style and ambiance of the operating environment. A simple timber feature, framing the semi-reflective metallic finish of the lift doors and surround, supports the brand’s retail messaging which appeals lovers of both the urban cityscape and the wild remoteness of adventure holidays.

Tower Lifts are a Trusted Partner


The Tower Lifts team are highly experienced in designing and fitting low pit lifts but we know that each client is unique and will have their own specific requirements. We take our skills, our professionalism, and our 15 years of experience to each client, but we make no assumptions because we have learnt, over the years, that our expectations will be confounded, and customers will present us with challenges where we least expect them. The creative response demanded by a new challenge hones and combines the skills of the team, as well as ensuring that our reputation as a ‘can do’ bespoke lift design and installation company continues to grow with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

In addition to our passenger lifts, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout London and the UK including:

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