Panoramic Glass Lifts

Bespoke Panoramic Glass Lifts

How often do we get the chance to rediscover the child in us? These are the moments where the world seems new, fascinating and endlessly various. The child’s perspective is one from which the landscape reveals itself in surprising and imaginative ways – inviting us to look anew. Rediscovering the world is all about remembering how new and bright and shiny it can be.

The Tower Lifts team gets to watch this in action every time they hand over one of their bespoke panoramic glass lifts. No matter the age, status or life experiences of the passengers, taking a ride in a scenic lift makes everyone a child again. They emerge smiling, energised and aware they’ve shared something special. Now isn’t that an experience you’d like your business to provide?

Panoramic Lifts – Architecture in Motion

Tower Lifts designs panoramic glass lifts that work in harmony with the architectural environment surrounding them. Whether they are celebrating an external landscape, or revealing the beauty of a building in motion, the aim of glass lifts is to reveal and revitalise the structure of which they are a part.

In order to achieve maximum impact for clients and passengers, we are able to customise virtually every component of the panoramic lift.

  • Cabin Design. We guarantee high quality glass materials, providing excellent passenger safety and comfort. Interior lighting, including atmospheric colour changes, and LED ceiling lights to heighten passengers’ enjoyment of the experience. We are lead by ergonomic design, and can integrate brand colours into the control panel or lighting features.
  • Lift Sizes. Whether you are looking for a large passenger lift capable of carrying 17 people, or you require a cabin which offers an exclusive experience to 5 people, Tower Lifts will design according to your requirements.
  • Lift Positioning. Tower Lifts designers can work with architects to determine the position with maximum scenic benefits for your lift. In some buildings an external lift cabin is the ideal solution. We can also create circular glass lifts as a lobby feature. Alternatively, you may wish to focus on your lift destination if you have a rooftop garden, pool or bar.
  • Safety and Accessibility. Tower Lifts has an excellent reputation for passenger safety; it drives all that we do. All our lifts are developed in accordance with European standards and comply with the Equality Act 2010 requiring that all public buildings provide inclusive access.
  • Security. Where security is a priority, we can install additional lift alarms, sensors, biometric scanners card readers, keypads, and CCTV systems.

Working With Tower Lifts

For nearly 20 years now we have been a leading provider of scenic lifts in London and across the UK. In addition to the design and installation of glass lifts, panoramic lifts and scenic lifts, we also offer ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to each individual client, and ensure compliance with regulations, continued premium performance for passengers, and prompt repairs should you need them.

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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