Outdoor Home Lift

External Lifts for Houses and Gardens

Platform lifts have long been the ideal solution for enhanced access within the home, but they’re not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ installation. What happens if your property simply doesn’t have the space to fit a home lift? What happens if you simply don’t want a platform home lift installed inside? Increasingly, Tower Lifts clients are opting for the outdoor home lift as an attractive alternative.

Future-Proof Your Home With An External Lift

If you’re currently making adjustments to your family home in order to make it your ‘forever home’, platform lifts are likely to be part of the plan. Many of our clients involved in future-proofing their homes, however, tell us that they’re not sure if they’re quite ready to clutter up their home with access lifts.

The outdoor home lift is an ideal compromise; they can either be fitted to the side of your house, or parallel to your property with a connecting walkway. The design is bespoke and fits with the external décor of your home. It’s not only useful to wheelchair users, or clients with impaired mobility, it can be used by guests, or members of the family as an alternative entrance to the house.

Garden Lifts for Steps

Many homes in the UK have a small flight of steps up to the front door. These can prove an obstacle for all kinds of reasons, and we’re delighted to have a simple-to-install platform lift solution. The step lift is designed to transport a wheelchair and user up short flights of steps, or over split level flooring. There’s no need to leave your wheelchair in order to access the lift; you simply roll onto the platform and go.

For longer flights of steps, we can install a straight or curved inclined lift. This is a platform lift that is bespoke to the architecture of your stairs. Once again, it is designed for wheelchair users and can be used independently. When not in use, the platform folds back to allow space for foot traffic. Both step lifts and inclined lifts can be custom finished to integrate with your garden and property exterior.

3 Benefits of Installing an Outdoor Home Lift

Whilst there may purely practical reasons for installing an outdoor home lift, our clients tell us that there are a number of additional advantages to be gained:

1. An Outdoor Home Lift Adds Value

The UK has an ageing population, so properties that offer good-looking, high-quality access solutions are in demand. The outdoor home lift can also be utilised for older children living at home who need private access, or for guests who may want to go out and return to the house without disturbing their hosts.

2. Outdoor Home Lifts are Quick to Install

Installing a lift in a property that present spatial or architectural constraints can add extra time to the installation process. External lifts, however, don’t tend to present obstacles. They can be installed quickly, and your access to both home and garden is enhanced without your home routine being disturbed.

3. External Lifts are Space Savers

If you’re worried about lifts using up space in your home, the option to move the whole operation outside is a no-brainer. Platform lifts are designed to be used externally as well as internally, which means that they will offer excellent performance over the extended period of your family’s life in your home.

Platform Lift Maintenance and Repair

When we handover our newly installed external lifts they are in perfect working order. We recommend a bespoke maintenance contract to keep them performing to the highest standards. A maintenance contract takes into account the age, use and location of your platform lift, scheduling in maintenance at appropriate intervals. 24/7 emergency repair is also included.

Tower Lifts are Specialist External Lifts Installers

The Tower Lifts team has been installing and designing platform lifts since 2006. We are alert to the challenges of installing in a private home and offer sensitivity and care at every stage of the process. Tower Lifts is UKAS and Lift Cert ISO 9001 accredited. This guarantees the highest level of technical competence and standards.

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