If You Require a North London Lift Company, Tower Lifts Offer the Perfect Solution

Tower Lifts
has had its fair share of exciting, and challenging lift design and installation projects in North London. We recently installed a duplex goods lift in the iconic Selfridges store in Knightsbridge; this was the third project they have asked us to work on and, in this instance, they were looking for a solution to the transportation of goods and staff between the food preparation area, and their world-famous food hall. One of our most memorable provision of lift services for North London, was the creation of a bespoke circular platform lift which was required to elevate a grand piano from floor level to a height of one metre whilst the pianist played for residents at the Rotunda Lounge, Ten Trinity Square, London. Our step lifts have proved popular in a range of public buildings across North London, and we recently installed a seamlessly integrated wheelchair lift at the Barbican Art Gallery providing enhanced access up a short flight of steps.

A Great Range of Lift Services

The dazzling diversity of the UK capital means that a North London lift company needs to prepare for the unexpected, and take pleasure in being presented with challenging situations. That’s why Tower Lifts’ creative designers and skilled installers offer a range of services including:North London Lift Company

Bespoke Passenger Lifts – our North London lift services provide bespoke solutions, whatever your vertical transportation needs. We will craft a lift to match its operating environment, whilst also providing exemplary passenger service and comfort.

Platform Passenger Lifts for buildings lacking the space required for a lift shaft, the platform lift is an excellent alternative. This flexible modular lift can be adapted to fit the space available, utilising state-of-the-art technology.

Wheelchair Liftswe are committed to providing excellent disable access as part of our lift services for North London; we design elegant, seamlessly integrated lift facilities to provide access up and down stairs, and across split-level floors.

Goods Lifts – from dumb-waiters to heavy-goods transportation, our lift engineers in London have provided ingenious and highly efficient solutions in factories, food halls, and art galleries.

We take our responsibilities as a lift company North London extremely seriously. Our highly-trained lift engineers London, understand the professional standards required when working alongside the public, and we recognise the importance of scheduling to meet our clients’ needs when project planning an installation.

If you require a Lift Company in North London, then please get in touch by calling us on 01525 601099 or emailing info@tower-lifts.co.uk.

Tower Lifts also provide the following:

Bespoke Platform Lifts Food Lifts • Passenger Lifts Dumbwaiter Lifts Step Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts  • Car Lifts  •  Low Pit Lifts  •  Service Lifts