New Platform Lift solution now available

In our continuing quest to bring our clients the most up-to-date, high-quality and versatile lift solutions we have begun offering a new kind of platform lift. This is designed to offer high levels of performance, practicality and comfort for the end user and to maintain them throughout a long service life.

Our new platform lifts are suitable for installation in all kinds of public buildings such as schools, libraries, transport terminals, museums and places of worship.

They are suitable for a range of indoor uses, and can even be fitted to some types of building externally. They minimise space for convenient installation, yet maximize the proportion of space that is given over to the user in order to provide maximum comfort and a high level of practicality for every kind of user.

Through the lack of a lift cabin, the lifts provide a large yet lightweight platform for users of all kinds including those facing mobility problems. In spite of its small overall size, it can accommodate a wheelchair user and attendant without becoming cramped, and a smooth ramp makes it easily accessible. This is combined with a simple, intuitive and versatile control system with the ability to stop, resume or change the direction of the lift’s movement at any time. The result is the best possible experience for all users of the platform lift. The control panel has large, back-lit, embossed buttons and is carefully-placed to be accessible to either standing or seated passengers.

All of our new model platform lift insulations are durable and designed to last even if they have to face challenging conditions.


Physically, they offer sturdy construction and high-quality materials to ensure they are resistant to even heavy use. They are also capable of withstanding large power surges and are adaptable for operating on multiple types and standards of power source. Even the elevator’s lighting is made with the latest long lasting LED bulbs. With their low energy consumption and an onboard backup battery, these will continue to operate in an emergency for a good couple of hours if the power source fails.

Furthermore, our latest platform lift solutions are extremely energy efficient and environmentally-friendly.

Lighter materials allow it to be lifted with less power and energy yet no loss of speed or reliability. It is driven by an electronic frequency converter, which offers superior power consumption when compared to standard electric motor setups that offer equivalent performance. A frequency converter helps to reduce energy wastage and ensure that the optimum amount of current is consumed at all times. It also helps the lift adapt as seamlessly as possible should the power supply experience any falls in voltage.

Overall, the latest platform lift models we supply are designed to deliver superior performance across the board. This reflects our continued commitment to bringing the best to our clients, their employees, and their customers by providing the best and most effective solutions.

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