Tower Lift Begin Installation of a New 8 Person Lift

Tower Lifts 8 Person Lift

Tower Lifts are proud to announce the commencement of another lift project for the designer-brand shoe and clothing store “Size?”.

This new project is a 3-stop, 8 person passenger lift that will be installed in their Carnaby street store in London. This is the same location where we recently installed their state-of-the-art dumb waiter.

8 person lift

This project will involve the removal of some old components of the previous lift including a decades-old hydraulic unit

We will be replacing it with a modern traction drive unit that will travel at twice the speed.

Speed is important for this store because of the volume of customers and stock they deal with on a day-to-day basis. The 8 person lift will be a fantastic addition to the store, allowing staff and visitors to very quickly move between levels.

The Fast Paced Retail Environment at “Size?”

Size? is an innovative retail clothing company that has undergone rapid growth in recent years. They stock designer-brand shoes, casual sportswear and various accessories. Their stores are a very stylish showcase for the trend-setting products they sell.

Size? stores are very busy retail environments with thousands of products on offer

Some of the challenges facing a busy multi-floor retail location like Size?’s Carnaby street store include:

  • Managing the huge amount of merchandise on offer
  • Fulfilling customer requests for products of different sizes
  • Maintaining a clean design aesthetic for their stores by carefully selecting the stock on display
  • Helping customers navigate the store’s multiple levels

Tower Lift’s dumbwaiter installation helped Size? move stock between floors rapidly

The efficient transfer of stock from store room to show room helped the outlet maintain a clean aesthetic. The new 8 person lift will help Size?’s staff and customers navigate the store very quickly. The new lift will also reduce the workload for staff and improve their efficiency.

The new 8 person lift that will be installed by Tower Lifts is also fully compliant with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) lift requirements.

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We are also highly experienced at installing passenger lifts in buildings with headroom or pit-depth restrictions.

Our low pit lifts are ideal for heritage buildings, commercial environments and private residences with tight space constraints.

All of our passenger lift installations are fast, quiet and very safe

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