MRL Lifts

Machine Roomless Lifts for Small Space

The machine roomless lift offers a unique and timely solution to the problem of installing lifts in small spaces. How does it do it? The MRL lift reduces the spatial requirements for lift installation by installing the machinery in the lift shaft or on the landings. MRL lifts can be hydraulic, or traction and they look exactly the same as traditional lifts. They simply take up less space.

Tower Lifts regularly designs and installs MRL lifts in residential environments, retail outlets or offices with limited space for installation. They are ideal for buildings with shallow headroom or pit, or with unusual dimensions. Their compact design makes the most of whatever space is available, and complies with the EN81-21 regulation.

The Benefits of Installing MRL Lifts

Whilst the adaptation of lift technology to small spaces is a massive benefit in itself, it’s only one of the advantages to be gained by installing this model:

  • Enhancing Access in Small Buildings. It’s not only tall buildings that present obstacles to access for disabled users. MRL lifts are ideal for couples wanting to future-proof their homes, schools wishing to extend access, and residential homes.
  • More Energy Efficient. The machine roomless lift uses 70% to 80% less energy than traditional hydraulic elevators. Additionally, traction MRLs don’t use oil which reduces the running costs.
  • Quieter Operation. MRL lifts register 50-55 decibels which means that they are one of the quieter models of lift. This is particularly important for lifts installed in a home environment.
  • Greater Design Flexibility. Architects are fond of machine roomless lifts because they give them greater flexibility when designing new buildings.
  • Retro-Fitting Convenience. The job of retro-fitting a lift becomes immediately more simple when the motor is located in the shaft, rather than requiring a separate room.

reduced dimension lift

MRL Lifts’ Performance and Operations

Tower Lifts’ MRL lifts are available in a range of sizes, and are able to handle a varied range of load capacities. Their limited pit depth (100mm minimum) and headroom clearance (2500mm minimum) make them the perfect lift for reduced dimensions in existing spaces, especially where there is little or no room for pit excavations or headroom extensions.

Despite their compact design, MRL lifts are an excellent choice for high-traffic usage. Their gearless systems lend themselves to heavy duty working environments.

Working With Tower Lifts

Our Tower Lifts designers and installers create bespoke solutions for clients, based on their specific requirements and the spatial conditions of the environment. Over the past two decades we have created bespoke passenger lift solutions in heritage properties, art galleries, hotels and historic department stores. As vertical transport comes of age, the solutions increase in their flexibility. The Tower Lifts team takes pride in being able to create reduced dimension lifts for any space-challenged environment.

If you would like to know more about machine roomless lifts, get in touch today to talk to our design team. Call us on 01525 601099, or email us at for a no-obligation discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.