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Moving Your Cargo and Products around with a Service & Goods Lift Company

Service & Goods Lifts are the safest, most convenient and professional way of moving goods around your property, aiding staff and saving you both time and man-power. With a goods lift, you are free to move stock, staff and furniture around your property without manoeuvring up staircases. With a vast range of sizes, lift capabilities and options, you can move everything from display units and pallets to cars with ease!

car liftFor the transport of vehicles we offer our heavy duty / car lift

These integrated lifts require a shaft and pit installation, and can run on either hydraulic or traction formats, dependent on your requirements. Able to carry up to 5,000kgs, they’re perfect in garages, workshops and showrooms for moving cars across multiple floors.

For retail outlets requiring a service & goods lift, we’ve a range of sizes and configurations to provide exactly what you need

These goods lifts have no need for any shaft or pit installation, so can be retrofitted into areas with ease. Our goods with attendant lifts are perfect for moving products and people and designed to be operated by an attending member of staff, travelling in the lift with the goods, whereas our goods only lifts are suitable for cargo only.

Finally, our dumb waiters are perfect for the transportation of smaller items, perfect for restaurants and food outlets where service is required on multiple levels


dumb waiterThey’re not limited to commercial buildings either; a dumb waiter lift can be a fantastically useful installation in residential units too. They make a great fast and cost effective solution for transporting goods across floors.

Each of our service and goods lifts are designed and quoted on a case-by-case basis, so no two installations will be the same

We also offer repair, service and maintenance for our service lifts and goods lifts to ensure they remain running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible.



What more could you possible want from a goods lift company! To discuss your requirements, or to make further enquiries, please get in touch today by ringing 01525 601099 or emailing

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