Modernisation of Existing Lifts

Why Modernise an Existing Lift?

Lifts are designed to last so, even after decades of faithful service your legacy lift may still have years to run. In fact, the problem most lift owners encounter, rather than lift breakdown, is component, or system obsolescence. This tends to make repairs lengthier, and more expensive. And once parts become hard to find, it’s often because they no longer comply with current regulations.

A natural part of a lift’s life cycle, therefore, is the modernisation of components which improve its efficiency, enhance its performance, and revitalise an older mechanism. Tower Lifts offers the modernisation of existing lifts as part of its maintenance services.

Reasons to Modernise Your Lift

If your lift has developed creaks and groans over the years, or is looking rather the worse for wear, it’s most probably time to modernise. If you’ve never upgraded you lift, you’ll probably find that your repair bill is getting higher each year, and that you’re no longer compliant with current regulations.

Modernisation isn’t just the replacement of a component or system; it’s a way of upgrading your lift by installing up-to-date parts in place of the originals. Here are 4 of the advantages you’ll enjoy as a result of modernising your existing lift:

1. Reliability and Lower Repair Bills

The design of lift components improves over time. Replacing a 20-year-old part with a new component won’t just get your lift working again. It will get it working better, more safely, and more economically. You’ll also benefit from less repair bills and associated downtime.

2. Improved Morale

A lift is a promise of access for employers or customers to every floor. When that lift is regularly out of order it’s a broken promise which affects productivity, wellbeing, and goodwill. A creaking, dirty lift tends to have the same impact.

3. A Facelift for Your Building

Modernising the look and feel of your lift’s interior can have as profound an impact as replacing mechanical components. Replacing the lighting, adding mirrors, changing the flooring, or adding branding to the doors not only improves the lift, it also enhances the environment.

4. A Compliant Lift

The past two decades have seen additional health & safety, and disabled access legislation. Modernisation of existing lifts ensures that you are compliant with this new legislation, without you having to make the large investment of an entirely new installation.

Working With Tower Lifts

For the past two decades the Tower Lifts team has been designing, installing, servicing and modernising passenger lifts in the commercial, and residential sectors. We provide tailored maintenance packages for businesses that include ongoing modernisation in order to guarantee high performance, fully compliant vertical transport.

If you feel that your existing lift would benefit from modernisation, Tower Lifts engineers can carry out an audit to determine the extent of the work required. We can then manage a staged component and systems replacement process from start to finish.

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