Modern Glass Elevator

Modern Glass Elevator

The Rise of the Modern Glass Elevator

The history of glass elevators demonstrates the mix of entertainment, publicity and glamour they’ve traditionally provided. Back in the 1950s the El Cortez Hotel in San Diego made a splash by having the world’s first exterior glass lift installed. It was so famous that there’s still newsreel footage of the journey, and the rather oddly attired lift attendant.

The modern glass elevator, internal or external, is a more commonly encountered feature these days, but its glamour has not dimmed. What started out as a hotel experience was quickly adopted by office buildings, and shopping malls. More recently, the Tower Lifts team has even begun to install glass lifts in the home.

4 Benefits of Installing a Glass Elevator

For lift designers, glass is a beautiful material to work with, but there are plenty of other benefits associated with its use in vertical transport:

1. Glass is Sleek, Elegant and Contemporary

There are plenty of materials that fall from grace with the passing of years, but glass isn’t one of them. Most contemporary buildings utilise glass, so a modern glass elevator fits the aesthetic perfectly. And even if you’re retrofitting a glass lift in an older property, it tends to look just as good alongside brick or concrete.

2. Glass Platform Lifts Lower Anxiety

Glass serves a practical purpose for people who are installing a vertical platform lift in their home. There has been an issue with users feeling nervous or claustrophobic in the enclosed space of the lift. A glass platform lift reduces this anxiety and allows the passenger to maintain visual contact with a family member or carer.

3. Lift the Mood of Visitors and Clients

A burst of natural light is good for us; it improves our mood and lifts our energy level. Businesses that have a glass lift are investing in a mood enhancer as well as a form of transport, therefore. Scenic lifts offer the specific delight of a dopamine-fuelled experience which enhances our experience of pleasure.

4. Save Money on Energy Use

All our passenger lift installations are economic to run, but there’s an added saving with glass lifts. Their access to natural light means a significant reduction in the use of electric cabin lights. It may sound like a small saving, but building managers are amazed at how it can stack up. An added bonus, of course, is the fact that you’re also lowering your carbon footprint.

Working With Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing glass lifts for over 15 years now. Our bespoke designs can be found in the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors. We’ve even created a panoramic lift for Glyndebourne Opera House.We create stylish scenic lifts, circular glass lifts, and luxury home lifts using glass.

If you are thinking of installing a modern glass elevator call the Tower Lifts team today on 01525 601099

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