Mobility Lifts in the Home

Mobility Lifts in the Home

Installing Mobility Lifts in the Home

We’re hearing that an overhaul of the social care system is on its way in the UK, but in the meantime many families are taking matters into their own hands. As an ageing population collides with an overstretched social care system, more and more homes are being ‘future-proofed’. This involves preparing the family home for a time when the older generation may be coping with effects of age, including impaired mobility.

Design for disability, or inclusive design, now offers older, or disabled people creative design solutions that allow them to live independently in their homes. These may include doorways designed to accommodate a wheelchair; dumbwaiters to help with moving shopping or laundry, and mobility lifts in the home, to ensure access to every floor.

3 Advantages of Installing a Mobility Lift

Independent living is entirely possible for wheelchair users, with a carefully designed infrastructure of mobility lifts in the home. The advantages of installation include:

  1. An Inclusive Environment. Whilst home lifts benefit the primary users first and foremost, they also provide an environment which is easy to negotiate for both disabled and non-disabled visitors.
  2. A Value-Add For Your Home. Installing a wheelchair lift for home use increases the value of your property. Not only that, it ensures that your home will stay in the family, as the risk of needing to sell to pay for care is reduced.
  3. A Beautiful Feature. A home lift can be customised in virtually any way you wish. As such, it adds a feature to your home which can be enjoyed, and utilised, by everyone in the family.

Installing a Wheelchair Lift for Home Use

If you are adapting your home for life in a wheelchair, platform lift technology is what you will need. Platform lift technology is designed to accommodate the span and weight of a wheelchair whether you need it to travel up a flight of stairs, negotiate steps in the garden, or travel vertically between floors.

Platform lifts can be installed internally or externally and, like the home lift, it can be customised to integrate with your home décor. The inclined lift for stairs follows the contours of your stairway, and folds back to allow for foot traffic when not in use. The vertical lift looks more like a traditional passenger lift and the step lift provides access when encountering short flights of steps.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team take great pride in being one of the UK’s leading platform lift companies. For nearly two decades now, we have been installing mobility lifts in the home, as well as in commercial and retail environments. Many of the lifts we install are bespoke to our clients’ requirements. We can create inclined lifts that are integrated into the stairway, appearing only when needed, for example.

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