Raise the standards of your mobility access with a Stepless Platform Lift

Raise the standards of your mobility access with a Stepless Platform Lift


Do you have a requirement to provide access past a set of steps, or a small flight of stairs? Worried about the disruption of having to install a ramp system? Then why not consider one of our fantastically discrete and extremely efficient Stepless Platform Lifts.

TLP 1000Stepless platform lifts are intended for lifting people with reduced mobility, including people who rely on mobility aids, over different levels up to a height of 3 metres.

When considering disabled access, many people are quick to flag the larger hazards such as staircases, but often overlook the insurmountable difficulty that even a couple of steps can pose to physically disabled visitors. Installing a Stepless Platform Lift will give your visitors complete freedom of access into your building.

Installing a ramp system can often prove to be quite troublesome. You need to allow enough space for the correct gradient of ramp, plus removing steps and replacing them with a ramp system can be extremely disruptive. Platform lifts require much less space because of their vertical movement, and are therefore perfect in situations where a ramp would be too steep or too long. They are also a suitable alternative to providing disabled access in listed buildings and buildings of historical interest, where changing steps to a ramps could contravene regulations and conservation orders. Platform lifts are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation, and can be customised to suit their surroundings, meaning they can be discreetly camouflaged to complement your decor and architecture.



If you would like to discuss the possibilities from installing a stepless platform lift, then please do get in touch today.

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