Milton Keynes Mobility Lifts Installations

Since its ‘birth’ in 1967, Milton Keynes has become one of the UK’s most dynamic and vibrant new towns. It’s one of the most successful economies in the South East with a significantly younger population than the national average (22.6% of residents are under 16), and a place in the top five when it comes to average wages. The Tower Lifts design and installation team like to think of themselves as an integral part of Milton Keynes more recent success story; for the past two decades we have been the Buckinghamshire lift installers of choice when it comes to the provision of residential mobility lifts.

Bespoke Mobility Lifts Installations

More and more households are beginning to plan home improvements which will enable them to stay in their homes as they get older. Fear about not being able to manage the stairs is high on our clients’ list of anxieties, and residential mobility lifts provide a perfect solution:

  • Designed for use in a domestic setting.
  • DDA compliant.
  • State-of- the-art technology providing high performance mobility.
  • Built in durability.
  • Customised to integrate seamlessly with your home décor.

As Buckinghamshire lift installers of long-standing, we understand that every domestic environment is unique, which is why we design bespoke residential mobility lifts. Our clients are invited to participate in the process of designing the cabin interior and exterior, in order to ensure that their new addition quickly becomes a valued mainstay of their home.

Milton Keynes Mobility Lifts

Recommended Mobility Lifts Installations

Tower Lifts provides residential mobility lifts across the length and breadth of Milton Keynes, and we’ve developed a reputation for being highly skilled installers who bring years of experience in this field, and whose engineers are both friendly and knowledgeable. There are two things that drive our business; our customers and their health and safety. We are a ISO9001:2015, Lift Cert and UKAS  approved company, and our clients tell us that the blend of creativity, skills, and expertise we bring to our installations has enhanced their domestic access and improved the quality of their lives – well, you can’t ask for better than that!

If you would like to find out more about a mobility lift for your domestic, residential or commercial setting, speak to our team to day on 01525 601099.

Alongside our mobility lift installations we also provide a variety of lift fitting services and maintenance.

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