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There are many reasons to install a Home Lift

The most obvious is that it makes it easier for the home owner to reach all areas of the property without having to use the stairs. In the case of wheelchair users, home lifts are an essential buy.

But have you ever thought about the difference it makes to the value of your home?

If you are looking at moving soon, or have to sell your home, you will be pleased to know that the addition of a domestic lift / home lift will almost certainly raise the asking price. Many people can expect to receive at least half of the original cost of the home lift back in their house sale, sometimes more. If the buyer is specifically looking for a home with easy accessibility, they will be more than willing to pay for one that has a home lift already installed.

Many people will simply see a home lift in a property as an added bonus. They may not need wheelchair access, but anything that increases convenience in people’s busy day-to-day lives is always a selling point.

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But what if you have installed your home lift in your property, but need to move further away where there is no lift access?

You don’t need to purchase and install another lift; you can simply take your original lift with you. Any lift repairs can be dealt with at the same time. It can then be packaged up, taken to the new property and reinstalled.

So if you are putting off buying a residential  lift for your property because you may want to move in the near future, you can stop struggling with the stairs now. Let Tower Lifts install one for you and appreciate the benefits sooner.

Tower Lifts can provide assistance with repairing broken down home lifts throughout the UK

Tower Lifts offer an excellent repair service, and carry out regular maintenance to our lifts, minimising the amount of repairs that will be needed. We have a wealth of experience installing and repairing a varied range of home lifts in London, Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere.

Call us today on 01525 601099 or email us at info@tower-lifts.co.uk

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