Maintenance of Lifts

Maintenance of Lifts

Cost-Effective Maintenance of Lifts

When a Tower Lifts engineer explains to a new client that lift maintenance can actually save you money, we often get that look. You know the one I mean. It’s the look that says: “You’re having me on, aren’t you?”. In fact, we’re not; we’re absolutely serious. Regular maintenance of lifts, assessed as part of a lift maintenance contract, will – over time – save you money. In this blog we explain how.

The Maintenance of Lifts is Compulsory

First and foremost, if you’re the owner or manager of a lift used by employees or members of the public, you’re subject the current lift maintenance regulations. These require ongoing ‘preventive maintenance’ and ‘thorough examinations’ to test the adequacy of your lift service regime. You will need evidence that you have looked after your lift equipment according to LOLER and PUWER requirements, usually in the form of reports.

Creating a Lift Maintenance Contract

This is a contract for regular servicing between you and a lift maintenance company you trust to carry out the work to a high standard. The contract will be tailored to the specific requirements of your lift system, taking into account its age, function and volume of usage over time. For example, an older lift that’s used quite heavily, will require more visits over a year to keep it running at peak performance.

Maintenance contracts will normally include 24 hour emergency repairs. This is a hugely important service for businesses that rely on lifts to keep productivity high. It’s also a great way to save money. Calling out an emergency lift repair service, without a contract, is time consuming and comes with a high price tag. Your contract will also specify whether it includes ongoing repairs.

Maintenance Contracts Help to Manage Your Budget

A regular maintenance engineer will know your system well and will be able, therefore, to use budget prudently for repairs, upgrades to improve efficiency, or modernisation where required. This ongoing project will significantly increase the working life of your lift, and keep it running at maximum efficiency as new technology is developed.

How Does Maintenance of Lifts Save Money?

There’s a number of cost-efficiencies built into a lift maintenance contract:

  • Reduced Risk of Accidents. Keeping your lift regularly maintained keeps passengers safe and avoids costly compensation claims.
  • Prompt Breakdown Repairs. If your lift should break down, the loss of productivity is kept to a minimum thanks to a prompt response and repair team.
  • Emergency Repairs Costs Covered. One-off emergency repairs are expensive, if they’re in your contract they won’t cost you anything extra.
  • Lift Potential Maximised. If you have an older lift, regular maintenance will ensure it continues to deliver efficiently for as many years as possible.
  • Upgrades Keep Costs Down. An upgrade will improve your lift’s energy consumption, or enhance the quality of passenger experience.

Working With Tower Lifts

As a leading UK provider for the maintenance of lifts for over a decade now, Tower Lifts maintenance engineers work with a range of businesses from SMEs to industry and corporates. In every case our aim is to offer a cost-effective solution, combined with high standards, and second-to-none skills. Tower Lifts works to provide a safe environment for passengers in lifts across the UK.

Whether you are looking for lift servicing, require maintenance on an existing installation or would like to speak to us about our comprehensive maintenance contracts, call 01525 601099