Machinery Directive Passenger Lift for London

Tower Lifts Provide 3-Stop Machinery Directive Passenger Lift to Private House in Marlborough Place, London


Marlborough Place in London is home to a number of superb architectural designs, many of which are privately owned. Given the size of the properties, the addition of a passenger lift is a tempting optional enhancement for owners. Tower Lifts is delighted to have been selected to supply and install a 3-stop machinery directive passenger lift for London.

Machinery Directive Passenger Lift for LondonWhat is a Machinery Directive Passenger Lift for London?


A machinery directive passenger lift is a popular option for clients whose property does not have the required height, or pit dimensions for a traditional lift shaft. Machinery directive passenger lifts for London have all the functionality of ‘normal’ passenger lifts, but there are two crucial differences:

Telescopic Doors – twin sets of doors are installed; one set is attached to the passenger cabin and the other is fixed to the external lift shaft. The result is a fully enclosed lift cabin.

Lift Speed – the speed at which lifts are allowed to travel is set by lift regulations enshrined within the EN81 directives. Lift installations without the normal excess height or pit space, are required to travel at a maximum speed of 0.15 metres per second.

Adaptable Passenger Lifts for London


Tower Lifts are a first-choice company when it comes to installing passenger lifts for London. Why? Because we love a challenge, and our extensive experience and range of products allows us to create bespoke solutions for even the most intractable environments. The installation of a machinery directive passenger lift for London requires no compromise on quality; they house highly efficient drive systems, have all the features found in normal passenger lifts, can be fitted indoors or outside, and come in a range of finishes to integrate with the décor of the operating environment.

In addition to our Machinery Directive Passenger Lifts, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout London and the UK including:

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