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Bespoke Luxury Lift Design From Tower Lifts

Lifts are functional, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be luxurious. The hotel sector has always understood the importance of providing elegance and comfort from the moment their guests enter the reception lift. Now the desire for luxury lift travel is spreading to commercial buildings, high-rise apartments, residential properties – and yachts.

For nearly two decades now, Tower Lifts has been creating bespoke passenger lifts for homes and businesses across the UK. Our designers have created some stunningly beautiful lifts for clients including major High Street brands, property developers, and homeowners. In this blog we are sharing some of the ways we are turning passenger lifts into a luxury lift experience.

Experiential Scenic Lifts

A scenic lift offers the comfort and convenience of modern lift travel, with the added bonus of a memorable experience. Many of our scenic lifts designs incorporate a touch of ‘theatre’. The full glory of the view is available only as you climb higher. Or maybe a hidden architectural treasure is revealed as part of the journey. We recently created a bespoke scenic lift for Glyndebourne Opera House which allowed members of the audience to enjoy fabulous views between acts.

Rooftop Lifts for City Living

Space for living and leisure is at a premium in city locations, and we’re now seeing businesses and homeowners making the most of their roof space. Rooftop access lifts open up new perspectives of the cityscape, and provide new spaces to enjoy with friends or family. Tower Lifts provides luxury home lifts stretching from the basement to the roof. We can even fit external lifts for houses or businesses, providing a scenic route to the roof.

Luxury Home Lifts

Home lifts are transforming the way families plan for retirement and beyond. Investing in a home lift ensures access to every room throughout every stage of your life. So why not have a bespoke luxury lift at the centre of your home, reflecting your personal style and aesthetic? Whether you choose a platform lift, or a home lift, Tower Lift designers create a state-of-the-art passenger lifts that are unique to your family:

  • RAL Colours – Choose from the full range of RAL colours for your lift finish.
  • LED Lighting – Provide ambiance for passengers, using lighting you can control.
  • Lift Finishes – Choose how you want your lift to look and feel using wood, glass, textiles.
  • Music Whilst you Travel – Create a bubble of sensory enjoyment with your choice of music.

Working With Tower Lifts

We are a leading UK provider of luxury lift design and installation services in London and across the UK. The safety and comfort of passengers is always our priority, and we have an excellent reputation in this area. Once your luxury lift is installed we can provide ongoing maintenance and repairs. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to each individual client, and ensure compliance with regulations, continued premium performance for passenger and prompt repairs should you need them.

Would you like to talk to a Tower Lifts designer about installing a luxury lift in your home or business? Call us today to speak to a specialist on 01525 601099

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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