Luxury Home Lifts

Bespoke Design for Unique Luxury Home Lifts

In the 21st century we’ve become used to technology providing solutions for all manner of problems, from managing the traffic flow on busy roads to recommending a great place to eat. It’s no wonder, then, that luxury home lifts are becoming ever more popular. Our clients tell us that they want to invest in making their home a safe and relaxing experience for every member of their family:

  • Lift Access for the Whole Family. Every member of your family will appreciate the option of lift travel to move between floors comfortably and safely.
  • Future-Proof Your Home. Many of our clients install luxury home lifts in order to guarantee the continued liveability of their family home as they get older.
  • Move Goods Effortlessly. Our luxury dumbwaiter lifts help with the irksome task of moving laundry, shopping, food, or drinks between floors.

Installing Bespoke Luxury Home Lifts

More and more homeowners are thinking about a luxury home lift installation. The Tower Lifts design team can help you to blend the practicality of your lift’s function, with the aesthetic approach that defines your living space. It also adds value to your home and is a compelling differentiator when it comes to the property market.

Our lift designers understand that creating a lift for your home is a highly personal process. We work with you, therefore, to ensure that the end product effectively communicates your unique character and interior design. Tower Lifts’ design and installation process is made up of three stages:

Stage One – Luxury Home Lift Survey

Tower Lifts designers will survey your property in order to be able to recommend the most appropriate lift installation for your home. The survey takes into consideration what you need the lift for and how often it will be used. Should you need your lift to provide access for a passenger with a wheelchair, or visual impairment, we’ll factor this into the design by integrating customised platform lift technology.

Stage Two – Luxury Home Lift Customisation

Once the positioning and functionality of the lift is decided, we can discuss the appearance and customisation of the exterior and passenger cabin. You’ll find that there are really no limits to the options you have at this stage. We have fitted lifts with wood panelling, glass lifts, circular lifts, external lifts, scenic lifts, bespoke tiled flooring, and custom control panels. We can finish your home lift to integrate seamlessly with the elegance and style of your existing décor.

Stage Three – Luxury Home Lift Installation

The majority of luxury home lifts we install require no pit, or shaft. This makes them easy to adapt to your existing architecture and increases the ease and efficiency of the installation. We schedule our preparation and installation around your family’s schedule and take every care to cause minimum disruption to your home.

Platform Lifts for Bespoke Domestic Installation

  • Vertical Platform Lift. If you require a lift that will travel between 2-4 floors, this platform lift offers an elegantly simple solution. It doesn’t need a pit or shaft and the lift is operated electrically, or hydraulically. Typically, this is a 2-person lift which can easily be adapted to accommodate a wheelchair. The vertical platform lift can be installed externally, or internally and customised as you wish.
  • Dumbwaiter Lift. This is a cabinet lift for transporting food, laundry, suitcases, or shopping between floors. Dumbwaiters were originally created to make sure food arrived hot from the kitchen at diners’ tables. They’re now being welcomed as a valuable aid for households wishing to move goods effortlessly between floors.

Beautifully Bespoke Luxury Installations

At Tower Lifts we’re passionate about creating bespoke home lifts that fit an individual aesthetic or a lifestyle. Whether you want your luxury lift to be discreetly camouflaged, designed to fit in with period architecture, or featured as a fun lifestyle choice, we’re up for the challenge. Our designers and installers are skilled in understanding your requirements and providing the perfect response to them.

Tower Lifts is a leading UK lift designer and installer of bespoke luxury home lifts, because we offer top-quality lifts, providing performance excellence and detailed customisation. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

 Would you like to talk to one of our designers about out luxury home lifts? Call Tower Lifts today on 01525 601099 to find out more