Luxury Elevators

5 Inspiring Ideas for Luxury Elevators

Installing an elevator in your home or workplace is no longer the luxury it once was. Installing bespoke luxury elevators, though, introduces a WOW factor which gets people talking. Tower Lifts installations in residential or commercial settings are high-quality as default. Where we differentiate ourselves from other UK lift companies, though, is in the creativity of our design team.

Unique Luxury Elevators From Tower Lifts

Looking for a ‘one of a kind’ elevator? Tower Lifts designers can be relied upon to create a bespoke elevator which redefines the passenger journey as a unique experience. Passenger safety and comfort is a given; beyond that we create elevators that surprise, delight and live in the memory. Looking for inspiration? The Tower Lifts design team has come up with 5 creative ideas:

1. Bold Cabin Interior Design

A small house lift doesn’t have to compromise on interior design. The cabin can be customised to create your unique aesthetic. Why not choose a bold wallpaper design to decorate the interior? Use a single colour handrail, control panel and door to make the design stand out.

2. Circular Glass Lift

A circular glass lift allows you to celebrate the architectural design of a commercial or residential building. Our most stunning designs have placed the circular lift as a centrepiece to a spiral staircase. Free yourself from traditional expectation by installing a lift that works dynamically with your interior structures.

3. Vintage Elevator

What could be more luxurious than a lift that looks like it belongs in the golden age of lift design, but with all the conveniences and safety features of the present day? Vintage elevators allow you to indulge in a range of historic materials, transporting passengers back to the decade of your choice.

4. Scenic Lifts

When taking a journey in a scenic lift, your goal is no longer simply the destination; it’s the pleasure of the journey itself. Glass lifts provide passengers the experience of a view revealed gradually, whether it’s an ocean vista, a stunning cityscape, or the architectural features of your home’s interior.

5. External Lifts

The ‘futuristic’ external lift is a popular feature for high-rise office buildings, shopping centres, and now for homes as well. If you’re looking for a way to create a self-contained floor, or area, for children, guests or family members, the residential external lift is the ideal solution.

Working With Tower Lifts

Working with Tower Lifts provides you with highly skilled designers and installers who have years of experience to bring to their work. We’re a full-service lift company, which means that we provide everything you need, from initial design through to sign-off. The commitment of the Tower Lifts team, at every stage of the project, is to our clients’ vision, coupled with passenger safety and engineering excellence.

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